10 Q&A Which Cats Have Something Special In Them, Answered Here

The many types of cats make you confused which one to keep because all are funny and adorable. Now below will explain some types of cats that might suit your personality, character or the cat you are looking for. Let’s look at information on the 10 popular types of pet cats below.


1. Which Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

Oriental Short hair one of some Hypoallergenic cat
Oriental Short hair one of some Hypoallergenic cat


Do you like cats but you or a member has an allergy to their fur? That is usually called hypoallergenic. That’s because cats produce allergens lower than other cats. Cats produce protein in their saliva called Fed D1, this protein usually makes humans who are allergic to endless sneezing, itching of the eyes or even an asthma attack.

Don’t be sad, if you still want to adopt a cat but have allergies, maybe you can consider several types of cats. Let’s monitor it.

  • Oriental Short hair – this cat is known for its short fur and only a little loss.
  • Cornish Rex – this is the cat that is the main choice for allergy sufferers because they have a little feather and only have a lower coat of fur which is usually called lower hair.
  • Sphynx – this is a type of cat that doesn’t have fur, so don’t worry if its saliva sticks to its fur.
  • Russian Blue – although this cat has thick fur, but includes cats with short fur. This type is famous for its blue or grayish fur, which makes its fur appear shining.
  • Bengal – this cat is included with cats whose care is not too expensive and is a cat that does not produce much saliva.
  • Balinese – this type of cat produces a small amount of Fel D1 protein in its body so that it is a candidate to be considered.
  • Siberian – want to have a long-haired cat, but not a lot of D1 Fel protein? This type of cat can be an option.
  • Devon Rex – this species still have come from the same family as Cornish Rex with the feather just a little and hairy shorter than the Cornish Rex.
  • Javanese – this cat only has one of three layers of the fur coat which is generally owned by cats, almost the same as
  • Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. The difference is that this type of cat has the uppermost layer, while most cats only have a lower layer.
  • Laperms – this type of cat sheds its fur less frequently than others because it has a type of frizzy hair.


2. Which Cats Stay Small (Teacup Cats)?

teacup cat
persian teacup cat

When you see cute kittens, many of us hope that they just remain kittens and don’t grow because of their small and adorable shape. Well, if you like the type of cat that remains small in shape even though its age continues to grow, maybe you can make this a choice as a pet.

  • Singapore – this type of cat is pinned as the smallest cat species weighing no more than 2 kg and has a small muscular shape and is very agile.
  • Munchkin – this type of cat is small because of a genetic mutation that causes its legs to be shorter than normal cats. Even though his body was moderate, his height was very low to the ground. Although this cat is not very good at jumping, but this cat is quite agile and very fast when running.
  • Cornish Rex – this is a type of small cat that is recognized from its fur coat which only has a lower hair layer. This cat is very soft and is also good for those who have allergies to cat fur.
  • Devon Rex – a type of cat still one family with Cornish Rex.
  • American Curl – this type of cat size is smaller than the normal size of a cat, this type weighs less than 5 kg. What is characteristic of this cat is where the shape of his ears curves out toward his head.
  • Siamese – although it has a long size, but this type of cat has a weight of less than 5 kg and is included in a small type of cat.
  • Balinese – has similarities with the type of Siamese. But the difference is this type of cat including long-haired cats.
  • Dwelf Cat – this type may still not be widely known because its shape is small and has a strange appearance like an alien. This cat is like a combination of several types of cats with short legs. Such as Munchkin, curved ears like the American Curl and no feathers like Sphynx.


3. Which Cats Shed the Least or Don’t Shed?

Sphynx cat shed least
Sphynx cat shed least

Sometimes it’s lazy to see cat hairs scattered around the house, making the house look dirty, either on the sofa, bed or clothes. Or having an allergy to cat hair when you want to keep a cat. This may be the type of cat that is used as a choice for those of you who don’t like scattered feathers, namely:

  • Sphynx
  • Russian Blue
  • Siberian
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Siamese
  • Oriental
  • Birman
  • Exotic Short hair

The above is a type of cat that has short or hairless fur that can be used as an option to be maintained without the need to pollute or inconvenience to clean the falling feathers.


4. Which Cat Is the Biggest?

savannah cat one of the biggest cat
savannah cat one of the biggest cat

Although sometimes we cannot refuse the cuteness of a small type of cat, but it turns out that there are many types of big cats that are no less funny and adorable like small type cats. This cat is not a giant cat. But its size is larger than the normal size of a cat in general. The followings are the biggest types of cats, including:

  • Savannah – this cat holds the record as the highest cat for a domestic cat with a length of 43 cm from shoulder to foot and weighs up to 13 kg.
  • Maine Coon – This cat is the largest cat for the size of a domestic cat with a length from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail more than one meter! Followed by a weight that ranges from 8-11 kg. Surely this is the biggest type of cat.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat – although the appearance is almost the same as the Maine Coon but they are different, the similarity is they are large and weigh up to 10 kg.
  • Ragdoll – this type is a popular and preferred type because in addition to its large and muscular shape, this cat is famous for its tame and loving nature. Plus the large size of this cat includes cats that are suitable to be used as hugs.
  • Highlanders – cats of this type can weigh up to 11 kg and have short and long hair and curly, curved ears.
  • British Shorthair – This type of cat is popular in the UK with a body weight of up to 8 kg and includes small cats in this class of big cat groups.
  • Chausie – is a domestic cat who still has direct ancestry with jungle cats. They have a long body shape and are classified as a bit more wild compared to other domestic cats.


5. Which Cats Live the Longest?


burmese one of longest live cat
burmese one of longest live cat

When living cats with us is not long, sometimes we do not want to adopt or maintain a cat again where in general the age of cats is shorter. But there are several types of cats that have a long life span, the following types:

  • Burmese – is at the top level where the record for cats is living up to 35 years old. On average this type of cat lives up to the age of 18-20 years.
  • Siamese – this type of cat usually lives up to the age of 16-20 years.
  • Manx – this cat can live up to the age of 15 years.
  • Savannah – this cross between an African Serval and Siamese can live up to 17-20 years.
  • Bombay – this cat can live up to 15-20 years old.
  • Nebelung, this grayish-silver cat can survive up to 15-18 years.
  • Egyptian Mau – this rare cat can live up to 15-20 years.
  • Ragdoll – even though it looks cute, it turns out that this cat can live up to 15-20 years old.
  • Sphynx – this cat can live up to 15-20 years.
  • Persian – this thick haired cat can live up to 15-20 years.


6. Which Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Ragdolls have blue eyes
Ragdolls have blue eyes

Many people are attracted to and fall in love with cats that have blue eyes. Cat’s blue eyes are actually not common in the feline species. This happens because of a lack of pigment when a baby cat is still a baby. Usually, cats that are caught by the albino gene will definitely have blue eyes. Therefore, most blue-eyed cats are usually dominated by white fur.

  • Balinese – this type of Siamese has fine hair and beautiful blue eyes.
  • Birman – glossy blue eyes become the attraction of one cat here, plus its tame and merciful nature
  • Himalayan – this is a type of cat that mixes between Siamese and Persian so that it has bluish eyes with a shape like a Persian cat but has a variety of styles.
  • Ragdoll – famous for his eyes like bluish shine
  • Siamese
  • Snowshoe – known for his snow-white legs with blue eyes
  • Tonkinese – a blend of Siamese and Burmese
  • Angora Turkish – not only famous for its blue eyes. But also green, gold and amber
  • Ojos Azules – their names are taken from Spanish which means ‘blue eyes’


7. Which Cats Like to Play with Water?

maine coon cat love to play in the water
maine coon cat love to play in the water

Although often seeing cats sometimes hate water, there are some types of cats who like to play water

  • Maine Coon – This cat from New England has thick fur which makes it easy to catch cold when playing water
  • Norwegian Forest Cat – also called Viking Cat which is often found on the banks of rivers or streams of water to catch fish or play with the fish in your aquarium.
  • Abyssinian – This cat from the Indian Ocean is already familiar with the water.
  • Manx – This cat from the Isle of Man, England loves to take part in the owner’s bath.
  • Japanese Bobtail, this one cat really likes to play splashes of water.
  • Bengal
  • American Bobtail
  • Savannah
  • Angora Turkish
  • Turkish Van


8. Which Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Abyssinian cat get along with dog
Abyssinian cat get along with dog

As a dog or cat pet owner, of course it would be a homework to see these two animals lacking in harmony. Apparently there are types of cats that are able to be familiar with dogs, the following types.

  • Abyssinian – is a socializing and loving cat who will certainly be familiar with dogs.
  • American Shorthair – is a smart and easy going cat that can live harmoniously with dogs.
  • Birman – is a quiet cat, but not shy and is a loving cat.
  • Bombay – is an active cat and likes to play with all types of games and is a loving cat.
  • Japanese Bobtail – is a cat that likes to socialize and like small children.
  • Maine Coon – is a cat that has several characteristics such as dogs, like they are sweet, friendly and like to follow the owner around the room.
  • Norwegian Forest – is a type of cat that is almost similar to the Maine Coon and has a caring instinct.
  • Ragdoll
  • Siberian
  • Tonkinese


9. Which Cats Have the Best Personality?

American Shorthair one of cat kinds that Have the Best Personality
American Shorthair one of cat kinds that Have the Best Personality

Many cats that we know are more individual, cold and arrogant. However, there are also cats that have pleasant personalities, are tame and merciful, and of course like to socialize and not be afraid of strangers.

  • Oriental – still a relative of Siamese with big ears and personality always curious.
  • American Shorthair – they are capable and like to interact with children and can get along well with dogs
  • Birman – legend says that this cat is a temple protector in Burma, which is a loving and gentle cat, likes to play and won’t bother you when you’re busy.


10. Which Cats Are Extinct?

Smilodon one kind of cat that face extinction
Smilodon one kind of cat that face extinction

Felines (Felidae) are a carnivorous animal that is still a family with mammals that have occupied the earth since millions of years ago. The oldest fossil of a relative of the cat found is the Snow Leopard (Panthera Blytheae) which was founded around 6 million years ago. What kind of cat family is that it is now extinct? The following list:

  • The American lion (Panthera Leo Atrox) is a relative of a cat that lived in pre-history, especially in the Pleistocene era. Their habitat is in North American caves and is believed to be the largest sized Feline ever.
  • Cape Lion (Panthera Leo Melanochaitus) is the largest type of Feline in Africa, which still survived until the 1860s. In the 17th century during the colonization of the entry of Britain and the Netherlands in Africa, these animals included dangerous threats so that many were hunted.
  • Javanese tiger (Panthera Tigris Sondaica) This one Feline includes endemic animals originating from the island of Java, but was extinct in 1979. Its population began to decline since the 19th century because of the increasing human population in its habitat this caused habitat to decline and prey also not other than that hunting and illegal trading also quickly reduce this feline population.
  • Barbary Lion (Panthera Leo Leo) is the biggest lion that has ever been blamed on the modern world. With a length of more than 3 meters and weighings more than 300 kg, it is a type of feline originating from Africa and its habitat in the desert or savanna
  • The Balinese Tiger (Panthera Tigris Ballica) is an endemic species originating from the island of Bali, which was blemished by the last animal that lived in 1937 before extinction which has similarities with the Javanese tiger.
  • Owen’s panther (Puma Pardoides) is very little info about this animal and the inventor of this species is Richard Owen, who describes that this type of feline is almost the same as the type of puma that exists today. And its habitat is in Asia and Europe.
  • Smilodon, this is the type of feline that lived around 42 million years ago in the area of ​​the American contingent with its body shape having long canines coming out of its mouth

In addition to the types of Feline above that are extinct, there are several types of cat families that are threatened from extinction including Siberian tigers, Iberian Lynx, Bengal Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Snow Leopard, Fishing Cat, Flat-Headed Cat, Bornean Bay Cat, Tiger, Andean Cat, Clouded Leopard, African Lion, Marbled Cat, Blackfooted Cat and Cheetah


There are also many popular types of pet cats, besides being able to add new knowledge about the types of cats, maybe this can be used as an alternative to choose the cat you want to adopt.

In addition, there were also relatives of cats that had become extinct or threatened with extinction. Let’s take care of our pets and help other animals to avoid being threatened with extinction.

So that’s how the discussion from catsfunnyfun.com about 10 Q & A Which Cats Have Something Special In Them, Answered Here. Hopefully useful don’t forget to share and comment!


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