What Kind Of Cat Love Water? Here’s Complete Lists

Ever wonder if there are types of cats that like water? If yes then What Kind of Cat is Love Water? Here’s Complete Lists for you who like cats and like to play with water with your cats.

If you think bathing that cat needs more effort, you are wrong. It’s true that cats don’t like water.

However, there are several types of cats that are not afraid of water, instead they really like it. What are some cats, here’s a list:


1. Turkish Van

Turkish Van
Turkish Van


The famous cat that likes to be in the water is the Turkish Van, do not be surprised if he got the nickname swimmer cat. As the name implies, this cat comes from Turkey, while the word “Van” is given because this cat has a white color that is on the body and a different color on the head and tail.

Turkish Van has a triangular head shape and is slightly wide and ears are long and wide. The color of this type of cat is only one, there is white on the body while other colors such as brown, black and orange on the head and tail.

The uniqueness of this cat that is, its fur that dries quickly after being exposed to water. No wonder this cat is very happy to play near a water source, if you keep a Turkish Van cat it is better to provide a tub or a small pool for a place to play.


2. American Shorthair

American Shorthair
American Shorthair


At first this cat was only given the name of the short fur until it finally turned into a domestic short fur. Until 1966, this cat was given the name of American Shorthair until today.

This cat is the result of a cross between a European short hair cat and British Shorthair. So that American Shorthair has short, thick and dense fur with a square face.


3. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora
Turkish Angora


Turkish Angora cat is one of the oldest natural domestic cat breeds in the world. This cat is quite well known in Indonesia and better known as the Angora cat or the Ankara cat.

This cat is a cat whose origin is still unknown. There are several theories that say if this cat came from a wild African cat that was tamed by the Tartar tribe, until it was finally brought to Turkey by the Egyptian traders.

The hallmark of the Turkish Angora cat is that it has long fur, medium body size and muscular, long nose with long ears and wide triangular shaped. And the most preferred is a cat that has a white color with eyes of a different color.

This cat, including cats that love water. It’s a good idea to bathe a Turkish Angora cat regularly, and more care is needed like combing her fur every day to keep the cat’s appearance beautiful.


4. Savannah



This cat has been named by Guinness World Records as the longest cat race in the world. The Savannah cat is quite well known in the United States and is a hybrid breed of cat hybrids from several African wild cats with domestic cats of Siam, Egypt and Bengal.

Appearance of this cat is like a wild wild cat, but who would have thought if this cat including a friendly and loving cat. So do not be surprised if the Savannah cat is very loyal to its owner.

Savannah cats are not afraid of water at all, exactly the same nature that Bengal cats have. One of the unique features of the Savannah cat is that if it feels happy it will wag its tail.


5. American Bobtail

American Bobtail
American Bobtail


American Bobtail cats are the result of natural selection and can finally survive in their environment until now. It has a rectangular body, flexible short tail, can be upright when there is danger and can also be curved.

This American Bobtail cat is a loving and intelligent cat. He will not hesitate to show his hunting instincts in the house if this cat sees insects coming into its area.

The advantage of this cat is its penchant for playing hide and seek, if it is so this cat can play for hours. In addition, this cat can apparently mingle with other pets such as dogs and so forth.


6. Snowshoe



The character of this cat is unique and beautiful, its body is quite athletic giving added value. Unlike its Siamese cat siblings, this cat breed has a round face and full body.

Snowshoe cats are quite docile and have good intelligence. This cat will try to find attention to its owner. This cat does not like to be left alone for a long time, because this cat is not a loner cat.

Don’t be surprised if this cat goes into the water, because this cat really likes water. Snowshoe cats won’t hesitate to swim, so it’s a good idea to provide a tub of special water for them to make this cat happy.


7. Bengal



This cat comes from California, although included in the group of jungle cats, this cat has been widely used as a pet. Bengal or Blacan cats are third breeds, the result of crossing American Shorthair cats with Asian Leopard cats.

Bengal cats have a strong and large body shape, which is obtained from their offspring, namely wild cats. This cat is easily recognized by its distinctive coat color with brown and black predominance.

Aside from being included in active and intelligent cats, another feature is liking water. This cat will not hesitate to wet its body with water and even soak in it.


8. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
Japanese Bobtail


As the name implies, this cat is a race of cats originating from Japan. The existence of this cat has existed since thousands of years ago, and the Japanese people believe that the Japanese Bobtail is an embodiment of Maneki Neko.

The characteristic of this Japanese Bobtail cat is that its tail is short as it is cut off. This tail is able to curl or bend, sometimes it can become stiff or loose.

This Japanese Bobtail cat has 2 versions of fur namely long fur and short fur. In addition, this cat has 3 colors and this cat is believed to bring good luck.


9. Manx



Another cat that likes water comes from the Isle of Man, a small island in England, the Manx cat or commonly called the Rumpy cat. What distinguishes this cat from the others is that the tail is very short in size or does not even exist at all.

In contrast to other types of cats, Manx cats are shorter and the hind legs are longer and stronger than the front legs. So do not be surprised if this cat has a nickname as a half-rabbit cat.

Like most cats, Manx cats love to play and are quite active. Not only that, this cat is also loyal to one owner and is very difficult to adapt to the new owner, so do not be surprised if this cat is famous for one person cat.


10. Abyssinian



There is the oldest short-haired cat in the world. The name is Abyssinian cat and this cat resembles paintings and sculptures that existed since the days of Egyptian Kuto.

By the people of Ancient Egypt, this cat was worshiped until the temple was made to worship. Not only that, many Abyssinian cat mummies are found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

The uniqueness of this cat lies in the color of its fur that is brownish. Soft fur has a blackish-colored base, much like a desert cat, but what distinguishes it from a desert cat is that there is a special color pattern called spotted agouti.


11. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat


The ancestors of the Norwegian Forest cat are thought to have originated from forests in Norway and Scandinavia. The uniqueness of this cat lies in its fur that will fall out in spring and become long and bushy when winter arrives.

Norwegian Forest cats are also referred to as fairy cats. Because of its large physical shape with long legs, thick tail feathers, and there are also feathers at the tips of the ears.

The ancestors of this cat turned out to be good at catching fish. So do not be surprised if this cat is not afraid of water.


12. Maine Coon

Maine Coon 2
Maine Coon


Cats originating from Maine, United States is also known as the American long fur cat. This cat is believed to originate from the marriage between the Norwegian Forest cat and the Angora cat breed.

This Maine Coon cat is a type of large bodied cat and has a height of up to 1 meter. In addition, this cat is a strong and quite muscular among other cats.

Its fur is quite dense, smooth and soft, but most importantly this fur is waterproof. This cat also has 3 patterns with various colors such as the tabby pattern brown, red, beige or gray, and solid colors like white, red, black, and gray.


13. British Shorthair

British Shorthair
British Shorthair


This cat is very famous and has often been used as an icon in various items. This cat is believed to have a relationship with the Romans who once ruled England.

This British Shorthair cat comes from stray or street cats in the UK. So do not be surprised if this cat has a strong and strong body, but its fur is short but soft.

Not only that, this cat is an independent cat but if it is close to its owner it will become a loving cat. Its short fur and it’s easy to care for make this cat suitable for a pet cat.


14. Sphynx



Previously the name of this cat is Canadian Hairless which has very short and few feathers, so that at first glance this cat does not seem to have any fur at all. This Sphynx cat comes from Canada and is the result of genetic engineering.

Sphynx cats are the only cats that have sweat glands. So they don’t need cold air, but the side effect is that their skin easily peels off and turns black.

For this reason, cats must often be bathed routinely. Take it easy, this cat includes cats that are not afraid of water.


15. Siamese



This cat became the first breed to be recognized as an oriental cat. As the name implies, Siamese Cats originated from Thailand formerly Siamese.

This cat has a characteristic located in its eyes that is blue. In addition, another characteristic of Siamese cats is the color of the fur that can be recognized as a marker on the legs, face and tail.

In addition, this cat has a special color point that is red point, dark brown point, blue point, dark brown point, gray point and purple point. The nature of the Siamese cat is a bit stubborn and demands a fairly loud meowing, and always wants to be accompanied, so it is not recommended to keep this cat for people who are always outside the house.


16. Burmese



Cats originating from Burma turned out to be divided into 2 groups, namely Burma, United Kingdom and Burma America. The current Burmese cat is descended from a female cat named Wong Mau.

Burmese cats have round golden golden eyes with short but soft and smooth fur. The body of this cat is also moderate but muscular.

Burmese cats include cats that are calm, friendly and easy to adapt, have a sound that is almost similar to Siamese cats but is softer. If this cat is left at home alone for a long time, it can make him disobedient to its owner.


17. Tiger



Tiger or Tiger is included in the category of big cats. Its body size is bigger than the size of a lion.

The stripes on his body vary from black to brown. And the form of the density of the stripes also varies depending on the subspecies, usually the number of stripes can be more than 100 stripes.

Tigers are different from other types of cats. They are very happy to be in an area close to the waters, not surprised if tigers can swim.


18. Jaguar



Jaguar is still included in the group of large cats with the genus Panthera. The spotted pattern on the body has similarities with the spotted type, but the two are different.

Jaguar has a bigger body and has a tiger-like character. This big cat is usually found in dense rainforest.

Jaguar is very dependent on water, so it is not surprising that Jaguar will be near water sources or around streams. In addition, Jaguar including cats that are good at swimming.

Jaguar including a loner or solitary cat. No wonder Jaguar topped the food chain, because it has very strong teeth and is able to penetrate the shell of a turtle.


19. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex
Selkirk Rex


Selkirk Rex cats come from naturally formed gene mutations. So the Selkirk Rex cat is different from other Rex cats.

Cats originating from Montana, America has a large body and is quite sturdy like the British Shorthair cat. There are 2 types of Selkirk Rex cats, namely long-haired and short-haired.

This cat looks like a sheep with irregular fur. This cat’s fur is very dense and tends to fall out, so it needs regular maintenance and cleaning.


That was some type of cat that likes water from “What Kind Of Cat Love Water? Here’s Complete Lists”. Hopefully the above information from catsfunnyfun.com can be useful for you cat lovers.







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