What Kind Of Cat Are These Cats? Find Out Here

What kind of cat are Garfield, Grumpy Cat, Maru, Tom, Mitten From Bolt, Hoshico, Pusheen, Hello Kitty, Prince Michael, Morris, etc? Find the answers here.

The popularity of cats has existed since ancient times until now. No wonder if in a search engine, cats become the number 1 keyword in the world.

His cute and adorable behavior is one of the reasons why cats become pets other than dogs. Including being used as an icon or famous star, call it Garfield.

Have you ever thought what kind of cat Garfield is, does it really exist in the real world. To answer that question, here is a list of cat characters that are quite well known in the world.


1. What Kind of Cat is Garfield?



Who does not know this one cat. This cat is very famous, anyone would want to hug and maintain it.

This fat orange cat successfully attracts the attention of many people. His attitude that seemed indifferent and lazy gave its own impression to the audience who had watched the Garfield film.

If some people think that Garfield is an imagined cat and does not exist in the real world, that statement is a big mistake. In fact the Garfield cat is indeed real and exists in the world.

This Garfield cat is included in the Exotic Shorthair cat category and is the result of a cross between an American Shorthair cat and a Persian cat breed. So as to produce offspring that are quite unique, that has the face of a typical Persian cat, but thin and short fur similar to American Shorthair.


2. What Kind of Cat is Grumpy Cat?

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat


One of the famous cats in cyberspace has a real name Tardar Sauce. Its popularity is well known when its owners share photos of this cat on social media.

As a result many people like this cat until finally Tardar Sauce became famous. Then what makes Tardar Sauce famous?

It turns out that this cat has a face that always looks upset or grumpy, therefore this cat is given the nickname Grumpy Cat. Actually the expression “upset” that is owned by cats is caused by hormonal abnormalities in the form of dwarfism.

As a result, the body of this cat is small and has a different face shape from cats in general. However, having a strange face made Grumpy Cat famous, one of which is used as a meme on several social media.

For those who want to know what type of cat this Grumpy Cat is, it is still being debated. Because, there are no similarities inherited from his mother and father.

Callie (Mother)


Father Cat
Father Cat

His mother is a Calio Domestic Short Hair cat while his father has a gray fur color with white lines. While the appearance of Grumpy Cat looks like a Persian cat, Ragdoll cat or a descendant of a Snowshoe cat.


3. What Kind of Cat is Maru?



The Maru Cat has become famous since the video uploaded by its owner on Youtube in 2008. Maru’s fame is due to his fondness and love to play in boxes or boxes.

The word “maru” itself is Japanese which means round or circular. As the name suggests this Scottish Fold type cat, originates from the land of sakura, Japan.

In his YouTube account, Mugumogu already has a lot of subscribers, now it has reached more than 600,000. Not surprisingly, this fame has made Maru become a celebrity and several awards, one of them YouTube Japan’s Video Award in the Pet / Animal category for two years in a row.


4. What Kind of Cat is Tom?

Tom cat
Tom cat


For lovers of cartoons, definitely know this one cat. The cat who always fights with a brown mouse is always successful in making laughter for Tom & Jerry movie lovers.

This gray furry cat has the full name Thomas or commonly abbreviated as Tom, always gets bad luck when he wants to catch Jerry. It turns out that Tom’s cat is in the real world.

Tom the cat has the same physical characteristics as a cat with a slightly bluish gray coat color. Domestic Shorthair or cat which is commonly found around the house is the incarnation of Tom, but the color of the bluish gray fur is similar to Russian Blue cats in the real world.


5. What Kind of Cat is Mittens From Bolt?


Mittens From Bolt Cartoon
Mittens From Bolt Cartoon
Mittens cat tuxedo
Mittens cat tuxedo


If you’ve ever watched the movie Bolt certainly know the character of this one cat. His name is Mittens, this sassy and tempered cat is a street cat who at that time Bolt the White Dog believed that Mittens was an agent.

In the film, Mittens is told that he lived and lived as a thief who had traumatophobia or fear of quarrels and injury. These mittens are Tuxedo cats with the characteristic of having white fur on the neck down.


6. What Kind of Cat is Hosico?

Hosico cat
Hosico cat


This beautiful golden orange cat successfully gained fame in cyberspace. His fame has started on Instagram social media since Hosico was a child.

Hosico is included in the category of Scottish male cats who have blue eyes. Hosico was born in Russia on August 4, 2014 and has the meaning of the name “Star Child” in Japanese.

Hosico is very fond of playing especially on new toys, but that only lasts for a week because he is bored. If seen, the physical form of Hosico is similar to Puss in Boots from the film Shrek.


7. What Kind of Cat is Pusheen?

pusheen the cat
pusheen the cat


Maybe some of us have seen this cat picture. Introduce this female cat named Pusheen.

Pusheen is the main character of the comic strip and stickers found on Facebook. Released in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff as a comic strip on a web comic, Everyday Cute.

The Pusheen character is a Domestic Shorthair cat with a tabby pattern and is gray. The word Pusheen itself comes from the Irish word poet which means kitten or kitty.


8. What Kind of Cat is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty


His fame the cute cat with a pink ribbon is already very worldwide. No wonder everyone will know this cat character, especially among girls is no exception even adult women.

Hello Kitty is easy to find in various kinds of typical knick-knacks such as handbags, purses, clothes and many others. With its cuteness, it’s no wonder its popularity has gained Hello Kitty since it was first created.

But, did you know that Hello Kitty is not a cat. According to the company that created the Hello Kitty character, Sanrio, said emphatically that Hello Kitty is actually a young girl from London, England.

The statement was made clear by the creator, Shimizu Ikuko, who said that since first creating this character, Hello Kitty had never crawled like a cat in general. So the conclusion is drawn that Hello Kitty is a human.


9. What Kind of Cat is Prince Michael?

Prince Michael
Prince Michael


For cat fans, you must know about a cat named Prince Michael. The famous cat with his hilarious actions successfully attracted the attention of the audience on his Youtube channel.

The beginnings of Prince Michael’s fame began with a video showing Aaron, Michael’s owner, protecting a friend’s rabbit. In the video it appears that Michael is jealous of the treatment given by the owner of the rabbit.

Besides on the Youtube channel (Aaron’s Animals), Aaron also has fanpages on Facebook. Many asked about Aaron’s type of cat, he said if Prince Michael is a type of British Shorthair cat with gray hair.


10. What Kind of Cat Was Morris?

Morris mayor
Morris mayor


Every city is headed by a mayor instead. If the mayor of the city of Xalapa, a city in eastern Mexico, is a different cat. The choice of a cat named Morris is not a joke for Xalapa residents. This is a form of protest plus people are tired of the political system that has been running in the city of Xalapa.

This cute cat has the distinctive black and white fur color of the Tuxedo cat chosen as a candidate for mayor in 2014. Not a few residents who support Morris and get the support of more than 100,000 likes on the Facebook page.

Morris is not really a mayor, he is only a shadow candidate. However, its popularity continues to grow given the frustration of citizens against the corruptors in the city of Xalapa that is not overcome properly.


11. What Kind of Cat is a Black Cat / Only Black?

black cat
black cat


Cats that have a black color are included in domestic cats, and CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) said if there are approximately 22 breeds of cats that have black fur color. One of the black cat breeds is the Bombay cat race.

Bombay cat itself is the result of a cross between Brown (Sable) Burmese with Black American Shorthair. If you are not surprised, the Bombay cat breed has black and shiny fur and is quite intelligent.

Having golden yellow eyes makes this Bombay cat look attractive and its bristles are easily brushed making this cat suitable for a pet cat. One more, this cat likes to be pampered and will be angry when left for hours by the owner.


12. What Kind of Cats Are Black and White?

tuxedo cat
tuxedo cat


In this world, cats don’t only have one color. Sometimes cats are found that have two or more colors on their bodies, one of the best known colors is black and white.

This black and white cat is named Tuxedo Cat because the color combination is similar to a tuxedo suit that is often worn by men. Black is usually found on the back and white usually covers the neck down to the abdomen.

However, most tuxedo cats do not have the same black and white pattern. This black and white tuxedo pattern did not develop specifically, and this pattern can be found in cat breeds such as American Shorthair, Persia, Maine Coone, Cornish Rex and many others.


13. What Kind of Cats Are Orange?

orange ginger cat
orange ginger cat


It turns out that the color of the cat characterizes the cat itself. One of those colors is a cat that has an orange color.

Orange cat which is quite famous is Garfield. It is described that Garfield is a lazy cat and quite selfish, but in fact this orange-haired cat has a friendly and cheerful, sweet, caring nature.

This orange cat can be found in many American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian, Domestic Shorthair cats and others.


14. What Kind of Cat is White?

This white cat is a domestic cat that has a white body. However, some white-colored cats have an abnormality in the form of congenital deafness caused by degeneration of the inner ear, this is related to the blue eye color.

The number of pure white cats in the world is around 5% of the total cat population. Of the total 5%, only about 0.25% – 1.5% have one blue and deaf eye, 0.75% – 2% both blue and deaf eyes.

Iriss and Abyss white cat
Iriss and Abyss white cat


White cats can be found in Angora, Persian, Scottish Fold, British Shorthair cats, and the most well-known are Domestic cats named Iriss and Abyss.

Both of these twin cats are unique in the color of their eyes, blue and yellow. Iriss and Abyss are the result of crosses between white cats and black and white cats.


15. What Kind of Cat is Crookshanks

crookshanks hermione granger cat
Crookshanks Hermione Granger cat

Lovers of the Harry Potter films are certainly no strangers to the pet cat Hermione, one of Harry Potter’s best friends. Crookshanks is Hermione Granger’s favorite pet cat.

The name Crookshanks itself means bent bone, so what kind of cat is this? Including fictional cats or cat species in the real world?

Crookshanks have the characteristic of Himalayan ginger or Himalayan hansa. But many also call the characteristics of this cat’s face similar to the characteristics of the type of persian cat. Well maybe Crookshanks is a cross of Himalayan and Persian cats.

Maybe the author JK Rowling intentionally made a characteristic cat that does not exist in a particular race, for the element of magic and imagination because Harry Potter himself is a novel about the world of magic.

What do you think, cat lovers?


Thus information from catsfunnyfun.com  about “What Kind Of Cat Are These Cats?”. Hope you can answer your curiosity about cats. May be useful.






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