Train Cat Walking With Harness

Train Cat Walking With Harness

It is not uncommon to see a cat walking with a strap. Traditionally, dogs are using ropes and cats are left free. However, nowadays, with many small birds or animals threatened to become prey, perhaps we should consider training the cat walking by using a strap. This will prevent him from hunting other animals, climbing trees to take the birds away from his nest and also keep him away from danger, as we can also watch his behavior.

In addition to using necklaces there are other alternatives that can be tried, can use a kind of clothing that is connected with a rope. If the cat’s head is very small compared to its body and the necklace can easily be detached from its head. Clothes will enclose the entire body from the back of the front foot, with two straps attached. one passes his front leg and the other from the back of his neck. This will unify the binder. Thin imitations or other synthesis materials are good for this kind of clothing. Do not use material that is too heavy or the cat will reject it.

It is also important for us to keep cats accustomed to harness before we take them for a walk. One way is to leave the harness on his bed, let him see and play it for a few minutes each day before tying it to the body of a cat. Call our cat and when he comes, get him, but do not force or scold him if he does not come, or he will think that the strap is a punishment.

When we invite the cat to walk with the straps, do not treat him like a dog. Dogs like to run fast and love to walk beside us as they learn to use that kind of bridle. Cats are very different. Cats will tend to stop and start walking again, spinning around, feeling the weirdness of the grass or other objects. In order for a cat to enjoy walking beside us, we must allow it to do the following things. Train him to come to us and reward him when he goes in the right direction. Hold the reward meal to give to her when she comes when we call her.

Cats can feel the heat easily. We should not expect to run fast with the cat. Remember kittens do not have shoes to protect their feet from hot or cold. Whenever possible, invite the cat to walk in the shadows and grass. In the sun it’s okay as long as it’s not too hot, it will make it more comfortable walking.

Respect the cat’s desire to rest or stop when we walk with her, never to draw the cat roughly. Our cats will be frightened by heavy traffic that one day can run over its tail. By paying attention to some of these things, our cat will soon love the walk show together.

Here are tips on how to get used to a cat using harness:

Try Putting A Harness On Your Cat
Once your cat knows the harness, put it on him but do not tighten it. Give a snack as a diversion and help your cat associate harness with a positive experience. After the cat for a while to feel calm, we can begin to tighten the harness. To keep baseball too tight, make sure we can slip the size of two fingers between the cat body’s harness, but no more than that because of the cat if the fear and panic can slip out of the body from the harness and run away. After the harness is tightened, let a few moments and give again our favorite snack of cats. If the pet cat rebelled, give the snack or release the harness. Our cat may not want to walk or walk strangely when the harness is installed, it is very reasonable and leaves it alone.


Pair The Rope

It may take days or even weeks for a comfortable cat to wear a harness. When the cat is comfortable and accustomed to the harness, we can begin to install the rope. Let the straps dangle when we feed them or when he is in the house so he will get used to the rope. But do not do it if the cat is still kitten because of risk. Better grasp the rope and let him walk.


Exercise Goes

Well, after the cat feels comfortable with the rope, it’s time to practice a walk! Start inside the house just yet. Prepare a snack to make your cat associate this exercise as a positive experience. Hold the rope still slack. After the cat and we get used to this process, we can start slowly and gently direct the cat by putting pressure on the rope. If she does, give her a snack. In essence, do all the steps slowly and patiently. The pet cat takes time to adapt to something new.

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