14 Reasons Why Cats Do These Things? Don’t Be Shock Let’s Find Out

Hey cat lovers! You might be familiar with the strange behavior of your pet cat every day, but you know that your cat’s habits have certain meanings and explanations that can be logically and scientifically understood.

Well, here are 14 kinds of scientific explanations of unique cat habits that you need to know. Come on, listen!


1. Why Cats Like To Bite?

cat ready to bite illustration
cat ready to bite illustration


Having a cat as a pet is certainly inherent with biting activities, usually this is generally done since cats are still children. The activity of biting and clawing at his feet when there are still no teeth and nails is done by cats to explore objects that make them curious, this is a natural innate cat to better understand the world of exclusion.

This biting activity has different reasons between adult kittens and cats. In kittens they are usually taught by their parents as a form of interaction.

When you adopt a cat that is still a baby, they do not realize that the bite or scratch gives pain to the employer, different when they are taught by their sires using the language of the cat itself and adult cats do not feel pain when bitten like humans.

Therefore, maybe you should also teach how kittens can reduce bites or scratches such as cutting their nails or consulting a doctor to treat cat teeth.

Whereas in adult cat bite is their instinct to show dominance and response to threats. Some cats also use bites as a form of communication or seeking attention.

Like when you stroke a cat, initially the cat enjoys your caress, but suddenly in a few moments the cat bites you because they are bored and feel uncomfortable. So, don’t rush to scold your cat when they do that and make sure that your cat is free of disease, because some cat bites contain quite dangerous bacteria.


2. Why Cats Like To Eat Grass?


cat eat grass
cat eat grass

When you see your cat eating grass in the yard makes you hysterical and afraid of your cat later why? Don’t worry about cat lovers!

It turns out that grass contains folic acid, a vitamin that helps cat growth and increases oxygen levels in cat blood. Cats do this because of lack of food so they look for additional vitamins.

Besides eating grass also helps cats to help swallow a number of objects that are accidentally swallowed, which can later vomit back, such as feathers or bones.

Usually eating grass is not dangerous for cats, but be careful if the grass is treated with no chemicals or if you are still worried you might be able to buy vegetable-containing food for your cat at the pet store.


3. Why Cat Scared of Cucumber?

Cucumber, some cat scared of this
Cucumber, some cat scared of this

Do you often see videos about frightened cats when they see cucumbers? Sometimes we wonder why cats are so afraid of cucumbers that don’t move until they jump so high or run scared.

From the research conducted, it turns out that cats are not afraid especially of cucumbers. It is precisely because the cucumber is placed near the cat without his knowledge. And cats can also think that the cucumber placed nearby is a snake that according to their instincts is a dangerous predator.

What is clear is that cats think because the cucumber is not on the floor, he usually sees and does not see or hear the arrival of cucumbers, therefore we find the reaction in cats.

If you are entertained by seeing the cat’s fearful reaction to the cucumber, it’s good not to continue. Because fearing your pet will be potentially dangerous which causes the cat to become stressed in the long run or even hurt himself.


4. Why Cats Like to Purring or Snoring?

Cat Purring or Snoring
Cat Purring or Snoring

Snoring or snoring occurs in the upper part of the back of the mouth or throat, giving off a vibration that sounds so that it gives a snoring sound. Persian cats and snub nose usually snore during sleep.

Usually snoring also includes signs of health problems in cats, a common problem is that overweight cats with excess fat in cats trigger snoring during sleep. Or it could be due to respiratory tract infections because of the presence of the sinuses or snot which blocks breathing during sleep.


5. Why Cats Like to Knead or Massage?

Cat Knead or Massage a human
Cat Knead or Massage a human

One way for cats to express their happiness to their employers is to provide massage. Actually, the cats move their legs and trample on what looks like a massage.


6. Why Cats Are Afraid of Water?

cat afraid of water
cat afraid of water

Even though it looks like a cat and water is not a good friend does not mean cats do not like water. Actually, cats like to swim only choose not to do it. Cats do not really like their bodies wet, because cats are more sensitive to a cold, so the chance for hypothermia is higher.


7. Why Cats Love Meowing?

Cat Meowing
Cat Meowing

When a cat meowed to you, the sign that he is communicating is a way for cats to tell and communicate what they want to say to you. Because cats cannot speak human language, one form of communication is done by talking. That’s a sign your cat is telling his story and feeling comfortable with you.


8. Why Cats Like to Throw Up or Vomit?

cat throw up or vomitting
cat throw up or vomitting

For cat lovers, there must be many who know why they often find cats vomiting frequently. Well, for those who haven’t, this can be used as additional information on why cats often vomit, including:

  • Hairball – when the cat bathes by licking its fur, maybe some of its fur is swallowed. Because cats can’t spit it out, they swallow their fur until they pile up and form lumps like a ball and will spit it out when it’s not a place for food in their stomach.
  • Eating too fast – when cats eat too fast will cause choking like humans. Because of that the cat spits it out.
  • Trying new foods – when you change their food from normal, cats make adjustments to their stomach when unrecognized new foods enter their digestion.
  • Parasites – the presence of stomach worms indigestion causes cats to vomit. If you see a worm in the dirt or vomit, immediately bring your cat to the animal pacer as soon as possible.
  • Swallowing Foreign Objects – the presence of small objects such as small plastic toys scattered on the floor may be swallowed and cause vomiting in cats.


9. Why Cats Sneeze?

Cat face when Sneeze
Cat face when Sneeze

When a cat sneezes do not mean because someone is talking about your cat behind it. The followings are some of the causes of cats sneezing, including:

  • Amused, there might be an object that strikes the cat’s nose or dust that causes it to sneeze.
  • Respiratory problems, perhaps due to respiratory infections or viruses that fell in the respiratory tract.
  • Chemical allergies, chemical odors that are nearby such as the smell of cigarettes or perfume.
  • Dental problems, problems with the teeth can cause cats to sneeze.
  • Pollen allergy, this flower powder allergy is more often found in cats than humans.
  • An intranasal vaccine, when the vaccine enters the respiratory tract, will cause the cat to experience sneezing for several days.


10. Why Cats Hiss Like a Snake?

cat hiss like a snake
cat hiss like a snake

Do you often see your cat hissing like a snake? I wonder why?

Researchers believe that when cats hiss imitating like a snake’s sound is a technique of surviving when cats feel fear, confusion, surprise and unhappiness so they do so according to their instincts. There are several reasons why chimpanzees sizzle in general, namely:

  • These warning signs are a warning sign that is usually carried out by the mother cat to protect her child from strangers or other cats. Or when you arrive, your pet cat will usually hiss at the guest for smelling another smell or the smell of another animal in his body.
  • Being in pain – this one hiss occur usually when touching the part of the cat that is sick to show discomfort when the affected part is held.
  • Recognition of fellow cats – this usually occurs when taking cats to the vet and meeting other cats because the smell that is brought by cats is different from one another which sometimes they do not recognize. Especially if the smell is from a veterinary clinic, the smell is not received by cats.
  • Playing – usually this hiss are done by kittens, in contrast to the hiss to protect, the hiss done by these kittens in a short time. Sometimes you will see the kitten playing too agile, so they jump until the fur rises and hisses.


11. Why Cats Love To Lick You?

Cat Lick himself
Cat Lick himself

When your pet cat likes to lick you, you are not alone. Lots of cats who like to lick their employers. Usually, they lick because they feel stressed or like you. The followings are general signs of why cats like to lick you, namely:

  • Social bonding – this is to familiarize yourself with other cats so they can play together or live together if they have more than one pair of cats. The licks are usually done above the head and divide into the ears to exchange the smell of cats between one and the other.
  • Giving these compliments can mean that cats feel safe and comfortable near you. They consider you or their employer as a member of their family and give a sign that they are beating you like the mother cat did to her child.
  • Restless – some cats that lick you constantly are likely to be stressed or upset so licking continuously is one way to calm them down.


12. Why Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box or Peeing on Bed?

cat pee outside litter box illustration
cat pee outside litter box illustration

When you wake up in the morning, you find your bed wet or see your cat pee carelessly not at the place provided. This may be due to biological problems in cats such as urinary tract problems that cause cats to have the urge to urinate in addition to that your cat may be stressed and anxious.

It’s a good idea to take your cat to the doctor if he is urinating outside the habitual and clean your cat’s toilet regularly so that your cat feels comfortable.


13. Why Cats Like Drooling Saliva?

cat Drooling Saliva
cat Drooling Saliva

This is common for cats when drooling as a sign that cats are happy and feel relaxed or comfortable. This saliva is usually done by kittens by giving a massage to the mother’s stomach to excrete milk.

Dripping saliva is also one sign that cats are experiencing stress and fear. Like being invited to an event with a loud voice, riding a vehicle or when invited to go see a doctor.


14. Why Cats Like to Sleep So Much?

Cats Sleep
Cats Sleep

Cats are active creatures at night until dawn because of their instincts for hunting. In the wild some of the time cats spend hunting, follow their prey and pounce on it. Because of that, they will sleep for a long time to restore their energy. Cats usually sleep up to 15-20 hours a day.


Those were some kinds of scientific explanation of the 14 daily unique habits of cats by catsfunnyfun.com . After knowing these cat habits make you understand with pet cats and strengthen your bonding. Greetings cat lovers!







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