10 Amazing Kitten Teething Toys You Can DIY or Just Buy It!!

Everyone says dogs are human companions, but the fact is, cats are the most kept animals of the entire world. The cat’s calm, quieter nature than dogs also makes them more champions for humans.

Well, you know what? Although not necessarily invited to walk as often as dogs, cats must be invited to play too, you know! Instead of buying toys, we’d better make a toy for a cat. Listen to 10 ways to make some kitten teething toys below!


1. Kitten Teething Toys Pompom Ball


The toy is a furry decorative ball made of wool yarn that is certainly interesting for your cat! You can hang a pompom ball where your cat usually plays or hang it with a bar so you can play with your cat.

Guaranteed your cat will surely jump and chase pompom ball. Make the show so much fun! The material is simple. Prepare the wool yarn, scissors, and a stick (optional). How to make it? Here are the practical steps!


  • Drag the thread strands
  • Drag the strands of wool thread, hold the tip on the palm of your hand. Wrap the rope around your four fingers about fifty times tightly. If wrapping the straps in your hands is a bit difficult, you can use a fork.
  • wrap yarn
  • Tie the middle
  • Remove the wool thread from your finger or fork. Tie in the middle like a butterfly ribbon.
  • tie and wrap the yarn
  • Shape into pom-pom
  • Form the bond butterfly into a pompom by cutting the threads that form butterflies and trim.
  • makeup
  • Pom-pom ready to play!

Create some pom-pom ball. Once finished, hang a pom-pom on the door or a wooden stick and a swaying pompom balls ready to play your cat!


2. Kitten Chew Toys Teething Ribbon Paint Toy

These toys are so easy to make, even the kids can make them, and surely your cat will be interested in chasing and catching these dangling ribbons. The material is quite easy to obtain. You can use satin ribbons that are not used, provide scissors, glue guns, and a stick. Let’s take the stage!


  • Cut the ribbon
  • Cut 5-10 ribbons each along 15 centimeters. Bandwidth can vary in size, which is important to equate the length.
  • Paste one
  • Glue 2-3 bands on a stick using a glue gun. Repeat this until the tape is attached all to the log. Cover all the ribs with the solution so that the stick is stronger on the stem. Ribbon cat toy ready to play. Wave this ‘magic wand’ toward your cat and let him run after him!


3. Catnip Pouch, Homemade Kitten Teething Toys

Catnip! This plant became the favorite of many cats. You can make a toy from this plant that makes your cat addicted to keep chasing it.

In fact, this is a simple toy you can make! and definitely fun for your cat. You just need to prepare a dry catnip – which you can buy online for Rp 70.000-100.000, clean baseball socks and polyfill. How to make it very easy, follow these steps!


  • Dab catnip on polyfill
  • Take a pinch of dried catnip and put on polyfill. With polyfill, you can save on dry catnip to fill socks. The smell of a pinch of dry catnip simply makes your cat ‘passionate’ to play.
  • Insert polyfill and catnip into socks
  • Put the lyophilized polyfill into the socks, then tie the ends of the socks. Catnip pouch ready to play and your cat must not hold for baseball reach this pocket.
  • Recharge the bag with catnip

The catnip pockets can get dirty with dirt and dirt because your cat plays on the floor. You can wash the socks and refill them with polyfill and catnip. Easy, is not it?


4. Kitten Teething Toys Petsmart, Make a Cats Toy from Ball yarn

If you like to watch old Disney movies, must have seen the cat playing the ball of wool to tangle. Making a cat ball-threaded toy will definitely keep your cat busy for hours. Prepare scissors, woolen yarn, small plastic spherical balls, glue, and catnip powder (optional). Here’s the tutorial:


  • Wrap the ball with the wool thread through the holes around it to resemble a small woolen ball of thread.
  • If you have a catnip powder, put it in the ball before it is completely covered with wool yarn.
  • Enter-insert the remaining end of the thread and finish it!


5. Make a Teaser Featherweight, Kitten Teething Toys Pets at Home

The teaser stick with the tip of the feather or bell is guaranteed to make your cat jumping here and there!

Making this cat toys is more complicated than the previous one, but this one toy last longer and more attractive to the cat. You need a 30cm wooden cylinder, 2 caps, threads, feathers, and tape. Ready for tutorials?


  • Press the thread to the end of the stick and wrap it with masking tape. Place the cap on the stick so the yarn is not easily removed and tape again.
  • Make a small hole above the cover of the pen and insert the thread into it. Tie the knot to cover the pen is not loose from the thread.
  • Tape the fur on the lid of the pen. You can also add other toys such as little mouse dolls or bells.


6. Cat Toys Rat Cardboard, Cat Chew Toys For Teething

Cat’s mortal enemy is often used as a model for toys. Let’s follow how to make cat kit mouse toys with this easy tutorial! You need to follow this mouse pattern, as well as a piece of cardboard, a cutter knife, and glue.


  • Paste the pattern on the cardboard surface for easy follow.
  • Cut the pattern with a cutter knife.
  • Use glue to paste a separate pattern section
  • The cardboard rats are ready to play!


7. Party Maker Kitten Teething Toys Petco

Similar to a feather teaser stick, the party maker is a stick toy with the tip of a piece of metallic paper like a pom-pom that the cat is playing with. Collect used plastic cat food, masking tape, and sticks for a stick.


  • Scissors of plastic used cat food so thin strips.
  • Drag approximately 25 cm tape and place it on its sticky side facing up. Paste the plastic cutout strip into the tape.
  • Paste the sticky tape that has been pasted strips cut to the end of the stem.


8. Cat Snake Cat Toys Kitten Teething Toys

Now there is a new function of your missing socks! Make a cat toy from used socks very easy, you know!

Let’s follow the steps! You need socks, catnip powder, scissors, small bells, rubber bands, tissue debris and paper, and threads and needles.


  • Fill socks with tissue and paper splints (not too full!).
  • Add catnip and a small bell.
  • Attach the rubber bands at both ends of the socks as the snake’s “neck” and “tail”.
  • Image of the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snake with needles and threads.
  • Snake socks ready to play!


9. Mini Tents for Cats Kitten Chew Toys Teething

Give me a place to sleep and play with mini-cat tent toys! Only with old t-shirts and wires, you can make a small “room” for the Sweet.

Materials needed are 2 wire coat hanger, 4 pins, a box-shaped cardboard box and used T-shirts.


  • Straighten the wire rack and make it curved. Then hide the ends of the cardboard with the wire. Tighten the cable wire with masking tape.
  • Create a curved pole with both wires with a crossed position. Masking tape in the middle.
  • Wear T-shirts to the tent frame with the neck as the door. Masking t-shirt sleeves tidy.


10. Cat’s Pillar Homemade Kitten Teething Toys


As if you were a cat, it would be annoying if they clawed the furniture. Prevent this cat’s bad habit by making cat toys for scratching. Approximately how to do? Let’s follow this tutorial! You need jagged boxes, shoe lids, and double-sided tape.


  • Cut the cardboard sheet into small strips approximately 3cm in width.
  • Inside the lid of the shoe box, attach the double-sided tape to the surface.
  • Paste the cardboard strips on the lid of the shoe box in a sideways position so that the jagged edges are facing upwards. Keep going until the entire surface of the shoe lid is closed.
  • Sprinkle catnip powder if any and cat scratch so!

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Must you be glad to have made a toy for your little friend at home? Instead of spending money to buy a cat toy, better make your own, because, in addition to friendly pockets, cats and owners became closer. Do you have any tips on making other cat toys? Come on, share it with us!


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