16 Ways to Eliminate Cat Fleas, Without Cat Flea Collar. Easy and Powerful !!!

16 Ways to Eliminate Cat Fleas, Without Cat Flea Collar. Easy and Powerful !!!

How to remove cat lice or how to clean fleas on cats? There are many ways we can do, from the natural way to using certain objects/tools. See steps to remove cat lice easily:

1. Bathing the cat with a special shampoo

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Bathing is a necessity that must be met to keep the cat body clean, of course, to expel and prevent naughty lice. Grooming activity is also one good finishing in how to remove flea eggs in cats.
Oiya, so the more powerful effect of shampoo with regular shampoo anti-flea cat (if you can the lemon scent). This shampoo is usually able to eliminate fleas in kittens.
You can read the recommended articles of cat flea anti-feline shampoo that has been discussed earlier Pedia Cat.
So that the lice do not return to the body of the cat, you can use this cat flea anti-shampoo when bathing once a month but to be consistent yes let the maximum results.


2. Combing cat fur

How to remove cat lice by combing cat fur matches really done after we bathe the cat. Use a comb that matches your cat’s fur, comb the cat evenly so that the flea disappears.
Then if you want to prevent the flea back to the cat, just comb your cat regularly. Combing cat hair is also good for treating cat hair so thick.


3. Spray vinegar water

Ticks really do not like the smell of vinegar you know, you can mix the water and vinegar into the pan (50:50 ratio yes or balanced) then warm to medium heat.
If you have, put the water that already mixed vinegar to the spray bottle. Spray on the body of the cat with the fist.
However, when spraying this liquid, do not get exposed to the eyes or into the ears of cats.

4. Using aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is one of the natural and potent cat lice medicine. This method is certainly one of the ways that you must try to repel cat fleas.
Aloe vera juice together with a little chili and then put into a spray bottle as a spray anti-flea cat.

5. Using lemon spray

Another alternative in how to eradicate cat fur with sprays is to use lemon-based sprays. Lemon contains citric acid which is not preferred by ticks.
Take a lemon, then cut into 4 parts and put it into boiling water. Make sure to 4 parts lemon is submerged in hot water. Leave it overnight and then filtered. The filtered water is put into a spray bottle.

6. Using apple vinegar

In addition to some types of sprays above, you can also use vinegar from apple juice. This apple cider vinegar has a foul odor which is certainly not favored by cat fleas. The concoction uses apple juice and water with a 2: 1 ratio.

7. Using salt

Salt is also able to eliminate cat fleas, especially larva and cat eggs. How to add salt to enough warm water, then soak the cat in a warm water solution that has been mixed with salt earlier. But do not get drowned!

8. Ivermectin vaccine

How to get rid of fleas on the fifth cat is a vaccine, this is an alternative that you can try to eliminate cat lice and should be consulted with a veterinarian.
Most people think this ivermectin injection to cope with fungus in cats, but actually, this is to eradicate the flea of the cat you know because Ivermectin cannot eradicate the fungus.
Ivermectin is used to eradicate worms and ectoparasites such as this cat flea. However, Ivermectin can not kill lice eggs. Usually required at least 3 times the injection with a distance of 3-4 weeks for maximum results.
This injection should not be used for kittens (under 3 months) because it can make poisoning and damage to the kidneys.

9. Drug drops

We can use anti-flea drops, this medicine is only used for adult cats. Before using you must read the rules first and certainly not much. This medicine is used on the neck or neck of the cat (so the cat does not lick-lick).

10. Spray anti-flea cat

Almost the same as drops, it needs attention in its use.

11. Limit activities outside the home

If your cat is adventurous, chances are your cat will get ticks. You can limit the discharge of the cat, of course, by closing the door of the house and closing the holes where it causes the cat to escape.


12. Anti-flea comb cat

There is also a special comb product to remove cat fleas. You can buy the nearest pet shop and use it to remove cat lice either after bathing or when you have free time.


Don’t give 4 ways:

There are some mistakes that are usually done by cat owners to cope with fleas in cats, such as:
1. Give the powder – Why not? Many cases where after a cat is given a powder and then bathed, the cat vomits and can even be allergic. So we recommend the use of powder to eradicate cat fleas is not done.
2. Using excessive chemical drugs – Well this obviously really cannot and should be appropriate dosage also how to use, for example, Spray Anti tick. Do not spray until the coat is wet, just a little bit. If it gets wet this is already dangerous for cats.
3. Eucalyptus oil – may be a potent eucalyptus oil to remove cat lice, but we do not recommend it. If we apply to the skin area of the cat, there is a chance the cat will lick the area and its effect to a cat. My cat once accidentally licked a bottle of eucalyptus oil, the effect he had not been eating and vomiting all day.
4. Chemical drugs – do not use chemical drugs to eliminate fleas in cats. Even if you want to use drugs try to be recommended.

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