Cats: Is The Habit Of Chewing Toys To Be Stopped?

Cats: Is The Habit Of Chewing Toys To Be Stopped?

Stopping the Chewing Cats Habit

The dog owners must have been very absorbed with his favorite pet habit of chewing all sorts of things, from flip-flops to wires. The habit is owned by almost all dogs, especially dogs who are still relatively young and untrained. But do you know that the same habit can also be owned by a cat? Although not all cats have such a habit, it does not mean that the habit cannot be owned by a cat. Often the habit of chewing it is one way our pet cat overcome the stress he experienced.
At the time of our pet cat is still small, may feel funny and adorable when he bit our fingers or hair. But when the habit continues into adulthood and begins to penetrate on items that are sometimes quite valuable, it certainly is not funny anymore. Indeed, with a tiny mouth, the cat can not chew big items like a dog. But small items do not mean the price is too small. Call it, for example, mobile phone charger cable for certain brands are a relatively expensive price. Or maybe glasses often chewed not only the base of the hook but also the glass.

Why Do Cats Like to Chew Things At Home?

Often chewing is done by cats because of discomfort in his mouth and his teeth, whether it just itches or maybe even sick. Just like what happens to humans, cats also have milk teeth that will date by themselves before being replaced by stronger and permanent adult teeth. During this transition period, children tend to bite and chew anything, as well as kittens. Usually, the habit will disappear as the teeth grow. However, in some cats, the habit continues to carry on until they grow up.
In addition, some cats make chewing activity as a way to cope with stress, especially stress caused by boredom. This means that if our cat does not have enough activity to channel the energy it has, chances are he chooses to chew as one way to distribute it. But despite this possibility, we as lay people may not know for sure. So if your pet cat has a habit of chewing alias biting stuff, it should also be taken for the doctor to check to make sure that there is no problem with mouth and teeth that cause him feel uncomfortable.

Should The Chewing Habit On Cats Stop?

Although it appears as a minor problem, the habit of chewing on cats should not be left as it can be dangerous. If the habit continues to be done and the cat chooses items that are hard enough to chew, over time can damage the surface layer of teeth. Chewing the wires inside the outflow of the power supply can also harm the cat. Imagine if the electric wire is bitten causing short circuit alias short circuit that can trigger a fire. In addition, cats can also “wrong select” by chewing stuff that turned out toxic. It should be understood that safe and non-toxic items can also release hazardous ingredients when bitten.

How To Overcome The Habit of Chewing On Cats

The first is to ensure the safety of the cat. If our cat has a habit of chewing, make sure things that can be dangerous such as cables, especially the electric, toxic materials, etc. are safe and unreachable. Although we will try to eliminate the chewing habits it has, it does not mean the cat will instantly lose the habit directly and permanently. There is not even a guarantee that our efforts will work. The next step is to find the cause, what makes our favorite cat interested to chew. In kittens, it could be a natural thing during tooth change. If that’s the case, we can not stop it. After securing the things that can be dangerous if bitten, give him a special toy made to bite-bite. We can easily get it in pet shop subscription.
A biting habit that is not too severe may be allowed. Observe to see if there are things in the cat’s environment that might trigger stress. Usually by eliminating the factors triggering stress like this just chew on cats can be reduced or even disappear altogether.

Here are some things you can do to change the habit of chewing on cats:

1. Invite a cat to play at least once a day. Spend enough time. Inviting him to do different activities can reduce the level of stress the cat.
2. Change the food. Give them food they have to chew to consume. Can be in the form of dry food or biscuits.
3. Make the lawn garden as part of the cat’s living environment. In addition to reducing boredom, he can chew something safe, like grass.
4. Create an attractive cat residence environment and fishing activities, provide toys, places to ride down, etc.
5. If chewing habits are still difficult to control, keep the ingredients safe to chew.
So, does the habit of chewing toys need to be stopped? Yes, the habit is safe enough for your cat, the most important is always looking for a cat toy that is really safe for your pet.

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