Can Cats See These? Find Out 11 Special Features of Cat Eyes

Hello Cat Lovers! More and more videos and photos of cats are increasingly viral in cyberspace and make us even more in love with cat animals. Seeing his strange, sassy, ​​and adorable behavior becomes his own entertainment to relieve himself from thinking about work, school work or even love.

Not inferior to dogs that have puppy eyes whose gaze makes it melt, cats also know that with adorable gazes or sharp and mysterious gazes, the more curious about this one animal, right?

I was curious about what was seen with our pet cat who sometimes stared sharply and long enough. Sometimes our cats take part in watching movies or watching us talk, sometimes just staring at something empty for quite a long time and making us cringe when we see our cats like that.

What about and what can our cat see? Let’s look at the discussion of 11 cat’s eye privileges compared to humans so that they make these cat lovers more understand their cat’s character.


1. Can Cats See Colors? How Do Cats See Colors?



When we see a rainbow in the sky, we often see red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Have you ever wondered what we see is also what our cat sees?

Are our cats able to distinguish colors like us? Also curious about how cats see colors or objects around them.

The human eye is at its peak to see things during the day or a lot of light, in such a situation the human eye is able to see a variety of different spectrums of colors and the most obvious is red, green and blue. Whereas in cats the vision of color is very limited unlike humans, some believe that cats are only able to see blue and gray and yellow quite good.


2. Can Cats See In Darkness?

cat can see in the darkness
cat can see in the darkness

The human eye is able to see and see bright and varied colors during the day and the lessening of its viewing power at night. What about cats?

Cats are able to see as wide as 200 degrees, where humans are only capable of 180 degrees, and cats are night creatures, which means this animal is precisely the ability to see it in peak performance at night or in low light conditions.

Cats have six to eight important stick cells found in their eyes so that the cat’s eyes are more sensitive to light conditions compared to humans. The shape of the cat’s eye is also elliptical and has the shape of a cornea and a large tapetum which is part of the eye tissue that fixes the light back to the retina.

It is very beneficial for cats to see prey or movement in minimal light or at night better than humans. Therefore, from the amount of light captured by the cat’s eye, sometimes we see the cat’s eyes light up in a dark or low-light place.

Often seeing cat pupils change quite quickly right? The pupils in the cat’s eyes will change shape vertically faster than the pupils of the eyes that are in humans.

The less light that enters, the smaller the cat’s pupils. So, be more careful when explaining the room suddenly, because cats are more prone to blindness due to changes in light that are so fast compared to humans.


3. Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts, or Auras?!

Spirits, Ghosts, or Auras
Spirits, Ghosts, or Auras

Cats are often associated with mystical things that exist in the world, such as being the beloved pet of shamans or being one of the animals that are worshiped in Egypt in ancient times. But is it true that cats can feel the presence or see astral beings such as jinn or spirit?

Sometimes we often see our cat sitting quietly staring at something we never know, or suddenly like hunting something that also cannot see with the naked eye. What we know is that cats have the ability to see better than most humans, and pets are also able to see ultraviolet light that is not able to be directly seen by the human eye.

So when a cat sits pensively, it’s likely that his reaction sees something that we can’t see immediately. Wow make yourself paranoid and timid huh?

But not necessarily if your cat can see spirits. You could have a hyperactive cat and this activity to help with his hunting instincts.

Or it could be that your cat looks at something or other animal that you might have missed seeing, because the cat’s eyes are in peak performance when even days and young detect the slightest movement. So don’t be afraid to be afraid first if at home if suddenly your cat behaves strangely. Maybe not the subtle creature he saw.


4. Can Cats See TV or Any Screen?

cat watch screen or tv
cat watch screen or tv

Often see cats watching TV and can spend hours sitting quietly watching a television screen or laptop? We think cats also see what we see, what movies we watch and so on. But in fact, what we see and see cats is different, you know.

When we turn on the television, we see that there are small dots lights that we usually call pixels on the screen that form a special pattern to capture video signals. Now the pattern that we see will be channeled through the eye to our brain and form images or impressions that we recognize.

Our eyes and brain will see the shape of image movements in hundreds of images per second to form movements, so that our eyes are not able to see tiny pixel dot dots that are on the screen. Because cats are so focused and sharp, their pupils are able to catch fast movement from that pixel.

So the possibility of being seen by cats is the movement of pixels forming a moving object pattern, so cats become focused and like to see the old screen, plus if you turn on movies or videos or shows that have a lot of movement scenes because the cat’s eyes are able to capture up to 100 frames per second compared to humans can only be 15-20 frames per second.

Plus the changes in current technology on television provide better color contrast, light and clarity of the screen so that many pets, especially cats, look like watching television because it makes it easier for their eyes to catch different movements if you have an old television. Playing alone, eating or sleeping instead of watching television from the old screen.


5. Can Cats See Infrared?

infrared illustration
infrared illustration

The answer can be yes or no. It’s just that cats do have excellent vision at night.

Stem cells that are more cat eyes than cone cells in their retina and this is one of the favorite cat eyes than humans. These light-sensitive stem cells can help them hunt easily at night where these stem cells do have a sensitivity to infrared light, but still not too large.


6. Can Cats See Red Color?

Red Color tree leaves
Red Color tree leaves

So the cat itself is not color blind, it’s just limited vision, when seeing colored objects look like fading compared to humans who are able to see colors sharply. Therefore, many cats are not able to distinguish red and green colors properly.

Cats may find it difficult to see the color of an object. Because the cats eye is very sensitive to sudden changes in light so these furry animals do not have the ability to distinguish colors clearly like our eyes.

Cat eyes contain three types of cone cells, only with different numbers and distribution of cells. Because it’s cat lovers, our beloved animals don’t see red in general as we see.

For them red will look like green, and purple like blue.


7. Can Cats See Angels or Jins?

Cat See Angels or Jins illustration
Cat See Angels or Jins illustration

Compared to dogs that are indeed more sensitive and will bark, cats have a calmer attitude. They are able to feel the presence of an astral creature, but most cats will stay quiet or even rest.


8. Can Cats See Up Close? Can Cats Be Nearsighted?

Cats Nearsighted illustration
Cats Nearsighted illustration

Humans besides being able to see more color spectrum than cats, the advantages of the human eye are also able to see objects as far as 30-60 meters, while cats are only able to see as far as not more than 6 meters with the same object.

This is because of the lack of important nerves in the cat’s eye to change the shape of their eyepiece. The ability of a cat to see more clearly at close range is very suitable for its nature as a hunter or to catch prey.

Behind the lack of cats in viewing long distances, they are given the gift to see more broadly, as if there are additional eyes beside the cat’s head. Therefore, cats are more sensitive to all objects or movements that are around at close range compared to humans, which sometimes objects that are nearby escape from view.


9. Can Cats See Green Laser Pointers?

Green Laser Pointer illustration
Green Laser Pointer illustration

Do you like to play or tease your cat to pursue laser points? His funny behavior when chasing laser points makes you chuckle to see it, huh.

How can cats focus so much on seeing the laser points we play? That turned out to be the advantage of a cat’s eye that was able to detect even the smallest movements around it.

Because cats have the ability to see as much as 200 degrees and at close range and have a very high level of focus, don’t be surprised if many cats are seen playing with laser points, that’s actually because their instincts as being hunters get up.

So many veterinarians suggest seeing a cat hunting instinct one of which is by playing with the light of this laser point. These laser points are also very helpful for training sports in cats and strengthen their brain power.

When you see the funny behavior of catching a laser, you also have to be careful not to direct the laser beam directly into the cat’s eye because it can damage the eyes of the cat.

If you accidentally play with cat eyes, don’t worry because nowadays many laser toys use low wattage lights so that they don’t harm the eyes of humans or pets.

What is clear is that it should not be done continuously and repeatedly, even though its low wattage if carried out continuously for a long time is feared to endanger the cat’s vision.


10. Can Cats See in a Mirror?

Cats Reaction See Himself in a Mirror
Cats Reaction See Himself in a Mirror

Cats can see their reflection reflected even though they don’t recognize that what’s in the mirror is their reflection. The cat thinks his reflection in the mirror is another cat who follows his movements.

Because cats are animals that like to mark areas of power when they see their reflection in a mirror, cats tend to be challenging and aggressive because they feel threatened and think there are other cats in their territory.

So don’t be surprised if your cat behaves strangely like tiptoeing, touching, scratching the mirror, back and forth, even bumping into it. That is, your cat’s natural defense reaction.


11. Can Cats See Bedbugs?

Cat and Bed Bugs
Cat and Bed Bug

Cats are animals that are more farsighted than humans. The farthest distance that can be seen by a cat is 6 meters.

Whereas for humans the farthest distance views 5-10 times the distance of a cat’s view. That’s why cat vision tends to be closer to close vision.

Cat’s vision cannot see fine details because that is the possibility of cats not being able to see fleas or if they can see fleas, in the sight of fleas cats do not look too clear.

But what is clear is that if a large number of fleas on the body of a cat, of course cats can feel their existence by feeling disturbed because of itching and always want to scratch.


After knowing all the information by on cat’s eye privileges compared to those above you now get some additional knowledge about your cat and what might be seen from your cat’s perspective right?

Cats are really interesting animals, the more you know them. Make more love with this one pet or for those of you who plan to adopt a cat this can be one of the additional information and knowledge about cats.

Immediately, without thinking, you will take care of this one furry animal and will not regret the adorable behavior. See you cat lovers!



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