Can Cats Feel These 15 Feelings Just Like Us Human?

Friends who have pets, do you ever wondered, what is our pet thinking about? Or maybe, can they not feel the emotions we feel?

Moreover, cat lovers must also want to know what can be felt and not felt by the pet cat. Can he feel sad or love?

Will he feel depressed if left behind? Can he feel the tail?

Well, for those who are anxious and wondering, there’s no need to be constantly curious. Here we will discuss 15 tips to identify the emotions of cats and their feelings for us or the surrounding environment.


1. Can Cats Feel Love?

show affections to a cat illustration
show affections to a cat illustration


Can cats feel love for fellow cats, with toys or even with you? Humans certainly can love, but human love is certainly different from the love of the cat.

The cat won’t give you a Valentine’s gift on February 14, right. But naturally, cats are independent and seductive animals.

Funny cats will do whatever they want, wherever and whenever. Even so, cats can also feel emotions because they have a tendency to feel dislike or likes of humans, other cats, certain places or certain objects.

Then, can cats feel fall in love? The word falling in love is actually too much, more precisely is looking for attention, feeling relaxed or feeling affection.


2. Do Cats Feel Emotions?


Cat Feel Emotions illustration
Cat Feel Emotions illustration

Living with cats, for those of you cat lovers, must have memorized and experienced more about the behavior and emotions of cats that are shown every day. This is based on body language, voice and facial expressions that you definitely already know what emotions are displayed by the cat.

Then can cats feel their own emotions? Basically, cats are animals that move according to his instincts.

The instinct to hunt, kill or eat prey, but cats can also feel emotions. Basically, the emotions of cats are very diverse, ranging from anger, pleasure, disgust, fear and shock.

You can also know the emotions of this cat when there may be other cats that join you at home. Your cat will feel angry or even displeased with the newcomer.


3. Can Cats Feel Their Tails?

Cat Feel Their Tail illustration
Cat Feel Their Tail illustration

Cats can certainly feel their tails, even cats can tell you or want something from you when they move their tails.

First, when the tail appears to bloom and fall, it means it’s an indication that your cat is scared. There was something around him that scared him, usually the presence of another cat or a foreign cat.

Second, when the tail is lifted up, your cat is happy to meet you and his mood is not bad. Maybe this is the sign that you often encounter cat lovers!

But there is a sign that you have to look at, that is, when the cat’s tail rises up and expands perfectly, the cat is angry. You better be careful when that happens.


4. Do Cats Feel Jealousy?

Cat Feel jealous illustration
Cat Feel jealous illustration

How about feeling jealous? Can cats feel that?

The answer is yes, cats can feel jealousy. Cats tend to feel they have something, whether you or your territory.

Especially if the territory is being entered by other cats or maybe you have a new cat. Cats can also feel jealous when you are too busy with your work or busy with your guests at home.

There are several things that cause jealous cats. First, cats may feel anxious when you start busy yourself.

It may be that the cat’s past has been abandoned by an inattentive owner, so he feels anxious if you start showing it. To overcome this, you need to give him more attention constantly.


5. Can Cats Sense Earthquakes?

Cat Sense Earthquake illustration
Cat Sense Earthquake illustration

An earthquake is something that happens suddenly and cannot be predicted. Then can the cat feel an earthquake?

Some cat owners say that his cat will behave strangely before an earthquake actually happens. They like complaining without cause, showing signs of anxiety and unable to rest or sleep well.

This is still a mystery because there is a theory that cats can feel vibrations before humans can feel them. There is another idea that says that cats can detect electric charges in the air released by the earth.


6. Can Cats Feel Sad?

Cat Feel Sad illustration
Cat Feel Sad illustration

Cats, like humans, have different personalities for each individual. Cats can also feel sad or depressed.

Then what are the signs when a cat is sad or depressed? Pay attention to the vocal sound. A cat’s voice can indicate that he is happy or unhappy.

Unhappy sounds are usually lower than usual and like wailing. What about cats that are quiet?

A Quiet cat does not mean he is constantly sad. A quiet cat will refresh his voice when he meows, all you need to worry about is a cat that wails continuously.

You also need to observe cat body language. Body language can give you clues about what the cat feels.

Starting from the ears, eyes, fur and body position. If the ears are held back, the tail is tucked in and his eyes are glazed, then chances are that your cat is sad.

Signs your cat is depressed or sad next are reduced appetite, too much sleep, always hiding and scratching too often.


7. Can Cats Feel Their Mustaches?

Cat Feel Their Mustache illustration
Cat Feel Their Mustache illustration

Cats can certainly feel the mustache. But the cat will not feel sick when the mustache is cut, but that will disturb the orientation of the cat itself.

Cat whiskers are useful for hunting because they can detect the direction of prey through the mustache. Generally the size of a cat’s whisker is the same as the size of a cat’s body.

If the mustache is not folded when it enters a place, then of course it will easily enter the place.


8. Can Cats Feel Pain?

Cat Feel Pain illustration
Cat Feel Pain illustration

Can cats feel pain? Of course, yes. Cats are one of the animals that is actively playing and eating whatever is served.

This habit can also make the cat become sick. To find out if your cat is really sick or not, here are some things you need to pay attention to.

First, observe how long it takes for your cat to sleep. Sick cats tend to sleep longer.

Also check the cat’s body temperature because 99.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is the cat’s normal body temperature. But if more then you should take your cat to the vet.

Cats that have a fever will also experience decreased appetite. Also observe whether your cat is dehydrated.

Dehydration is a sign that your cat may have kidney problems to diabetes.


9. Do Cats Feel Pain When in Heat or Overheating?

cat feel heat or overheat illustration
cat feel heat or overheat illustration

Cats can, of course, feel the heat. Especially when the air is very stinging, because cats don’t sweat as humans do.

Then how do cats cool their bodies when it’s hot? Cats will certainly stay away from the sun, do not move actively, drink a lot and pant.

But this method is not effective enough to cool his body temperature. You can do a few simple things so that your cat doesn’t get sick when it’s hot.

First is to turn on the air conditioner, use the fan so that the air in your house can flow, provides drinking water to avoid dehydration and cool the cat with a damp towel.


10. Do Cats Feel Pain When Euthanized?

cat Euthanized illustration
cat Euthanized illustration

Euthanasia is an action to end the life of a living being because of a medical condition, there is a serious illness and cannot be cured. Many pet owners feel that euthanasia is a very difficult choice. Euthanasia must also be approved by the veterinarian.

The process of euthanasia carried out in dogs or cats is usually done with a catheter in the cat’s intravenously so that the euthanasia process will be easier and less painful for the cat.


11. Can Cats Feel Depressed?

Cat Feel Depressed illustration
Cat Feel Depressed illustration

Cats can certainly feel stressed or depressed. Cats will usually experience stress when you invite him to go to the vet, move to a new home or too much noise in the surrounding environment.

How do cats behave when they are stressed? Cats will start to hide, not eat and act aggressively like biting.

One way to calm cats who are stressed is by giving them proper nutrition, so that it can support brain and nerve health.


12. Can Cats Feel Lonely?

Cat Feel Lonely illustration
Cat Feel Lonely illustration

Can cats feel lonely? Do cats need friends, so they don’t feel alone? Actually the question can be answered depending on the personality and age of the cat.

Are cats a loner like a tiger or colonizing like a lion? Cats will usually be independent when doing one thing, hunting and eating.

Cats will feel alone when they are young, because they need friends to play with.


13. Can Cats Feel Abandoned?

Cat Feel Abandoned illustration
Cat Feel Abandoned illustration

What about cats left behind? Do they feel they are being abandoned or not?

Based on research that has been done, cats show signs of anxiety when the owner leaves. The cat will begin to pee in any place.


14. Can Cats Feel Affection?

Cat Feel Affection
Cat Feel Affection

As previously explained, cats cannot feel falling in love, but cats can feel the love.

A study conducted in the United States, cats will tend to behave positively such as issuing a distinctive sound, rubbing your body against you or sitting on your lap when you smile rather than grumble.


15. Do Cats Feel Unwell or Uncomfortable After Vaccinations?

Vaccination illustration
Vaccination illustration

What is cat vaccination? Cat vaccination is the administration of vaccines into the body of the cat so that cats can be resistant to various diseases.

Generally cats will be vaccinated when they are 8-9 weeks old. Vaccinations should be given to cats that are healthy.

Pregnant and nursing cats should not be vaccinated first and what are the indicators of healthy cats? Cats are not diarrhea, mutations, fever and are free of fleas.

Then do cats feel pain after being vaccinated? The answer is yes. Cats will begin to look lethargic and decreased appetite for 1 to 2 days.

For 1 week after the vaccine, your cat should not be taken away and should not be groomed. Why? So that your cat is not depressed and his immune system is formed.


Now that is 15 tips to recognize the cat’s emotions and feelings and things that can be felt or cannot be felt by the cat by . For you, cat lovers must also be smart in identifying the cat’s personality and the pet cat’s mindset so you can quickly know when your cat is sick, stressed or wants to play.



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