Can Cats Do These? 13 Facts About Cats You Need To Know

Hi! Cat lovers, are you interested in raising cats? In addition to his adorable behavior, his thick fur and type will make us more willing to keep cats to accompany our days.

But do you already know some unique and interesting facts that exist in cats? If not, here are 13 facts about cats that are rarely known to humans, which of course will make us better understand cats, let’s see!


1. Facts About Can Cats Swim?

cat swim in swimming pool
cat swim in swimming pool


Most of what we know are that water and cats are mortal enemies. But apparently, according to research that has been done, many cats, especially domestic species can swim!

But most cats choose not to do that because for cats swimming in water is one form of dangerous threats. Cats do not really like their bodies wet, because cats are more sensitive to a cold, so the chance for hypothermia is higher.


2. Facts About Can Cats Cry?


cat cry illustration
cat cry illustration

Do you often see your pet cat shed tears? That does not mean cats are crying sadly, but rather because cats do not have emotional reactions like humans.

Indeed the cat shed tears, but it was a response because of pain or a wound on his body. Then what if there is a video about cats like crying, crying? Well, it could be a sign that cats are claiming their territory or an invitation to marry.

Well, stress can also cause cats make a sound of crying, for example, in kittens with a roar like crying, maybe they are scared, hungry, a cold or sick.

If the cat cries, these are the steps that need to be taken to check the situation:

  • Check the body of the cat, see if there are any cuts, abrasions or unnatural swelling in the body.
  • Check your mouth, nose and eyes if there are abnormal signs.
  • Check if the cat is breathing normally.
  • Also check the private section for something abnormal.
  • Or it might be possible for cats to adjust to a new home environment or changes in food and even small things.
  • Remember, cats are very different from dogs that are easy to adapt because cats are usually easy to stress and will be confused if there are small changes in the environment, routine and community.

Whatever you want to do, make sure not to let the cat cry too long. When the cries are long and continuous and you cannot find the cause, immediately take them to the vet to be treated immediately before it’s too late.


3. Can Cats Find Their Way Home?

Cat Find Their Way Home illustration
Cat Find Their Way Home illustration

There are several studies that say that cats have senses that are able to find “their home” like those of pigeons. Cats are animals that like to observe their surroundings and absorb information around them, which later can help cats find their way back even though they are miles away.

Cats also use in their sense of hearing and smell to guide them back home. Supported by its ability to be able to hear the sounds of two octaves higher than us and to smell special smells that can lead to luck home.


4. Facts About Can Cats Smile?

cat smile
cat smile

Maybe many of us have seen videos that are scattered about cats showing their deadly smiles. Can cats smile?

It turns out that maybe you can smile or your cat including those who have a mouth shape like they are smiling. The more you spend time playing with your cat, the more you will know how your cat expresses his happy feelings.

Then, what are the forms of happy emotions that cats show besides smiles, here it is!

  • The tail rises straight up, maybe the cat isn’t like a dog shaking its tail when it’s happy, but you can still read your cat’s emotions when you’re happy when you see this.
  • When cats are purring, this usually means that they can vary but most cats just want to be noticed and pampered.
  • Frequently meowing, when the cat is talking to you, the sign that he is communicating is the way the cat tells and communicates what you want to say to you.
  • Slowly blinking, this is a sign that the cat is giving full attention to you.
  • The ears go up, this is a sign that your cat is happy, if the ears close down, it’s a sign your cat is angry or sad.
  • Squeezing with his legs, this is usually often seen if the cat rises on your body and gives a massage, the sign is that the cat is happy and the form of delivery is by massaging you.


5. Can Cats Have Autism?

cat autism illustration
cat autism illustration

The answer is no. If you see a cat who does not want to be close to humans and socialize does not mean the cat is suffering from autism as well as humans.

Cats only meow and worship near you, but not other residents? That also doesn’t mean your cat has autism, but it’s one form of communication that cats do.

Some types of cats are also difficult to interact socially when they first meet. There are types of cats that need time to get used to interacting and there are also some types of cats that are known to be friendly and like to interact with people nearby.

If you see your cat is different from cats in general, it’s better to consult a doctor than to assume it yourself.


6. Can Cats Catch Colds?

Cat Catch Cold illustration
Cat Catch Cold illustration

Can cats also catch a cold like humans? In fact, cats are animals that are very sensitive to changes in temperature.

Compared to dogs or other thick-haired animals that can warm their bodies, cats are more often affected by diseases especially if the weather likes to change. Cats are more sensitive and often feel colder than we, especially the types of cats that do not have feathers such as a Sphinx or Siamese.


7. Can Cats Have ADHD?

cat hyper focus sign of ADHD
cat hyper focus sign of ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can attack cats, even though there is no official diagnosis. However, one of the facts about cats that are rarely known to humans is that cats also show signs of ADHD.

Well, following the characteristics of cats affected by ADHD, among others:

  • Can’t focus long enough, if your cat is easily bored and his attention is easily distracted when playing with you maybe he shows signs of ADHD
  • Hyper focus, when your cat takes too long to look at something or a mouse, it is a sign of hyper focus.
  • The lack of self-awareness, cats considers themselves the center of the world, they are not reluctant to bother you when you work or watch TV and do not feel guilty if you have to wake you at dawn because of hunger.
  • Hyperactive, your cat has entered the age of seniority or is old, but still applies like a kitten? Chances are your cat has ADHD.


8. Can Cats Get Stressed and Depressed?

illustration Cat Get Stressed and Depressed
illustration Cat Get Stressed and Depressed

Can cats also feel stress and depression? Of course it can, although it cannot be equated with what is felt by humans.

Now the trigger and forms of stress can vary. Some common forms of stress are usually:

  • You change the brand of food.
  • The place to eat is dirty.
  • After going around the house.
  • There are new additions at home, whether it’s people or new things.
  • Loud noises from home like you are renovating a house, loud music or television and the sound of firecrackers from the yard.

Wow, if so, what are the common signs of stress that appear in cats? Well, for those who want to maintain cats or maintain it must know this:

  • His cheeks were haphazardly out of place.
  • Cats experience diarrhea or even have difficulty defecating.
  • The loss of appetite, or even does not want to touch the food at all.
  • Scratching his body excessively.
  • It doesn’t stop meowing or even meow at all.
  • Increasing hours of cat sleep, everywhere, always sleeps.
  • Being overly aggressive towards people or other animals.


9. Can Cats Taste Sweet and Spicy?

Cat Taste Sweet illustration
Cat Taste Sweet illustration

According to the research that has been done, it turns out that cats are able to feel the taste of their tongue, which is much different compared to the human tongue which can sense up to 9,000 flavors. Uniquely, the cat inhales the aroma which is then processed into the taste of the tongue through an organ called Jacobson and later from the smell through the mouth and nose it will give a taste to his tongue.

Well, unlike humans who have a tendency to have a sweet tooth, cats actually have a bitter tooth. Cats have 12 nerve recipients of bitter taste, and seven of them are very active which turns out that this bitter nerve is indeed found in many types of carnivorous animals compared to omnivorous or herbivorous animals.

The recipient’s sweet taste nerves cannot work on a cat’s tongue, unlike herbivores. Carnivorous animals have no sense of taste to distinguish fruits or vegetables and are unable to digest and process carbohydrates or sugar.

When your cat likes to lick food or ice cream, that doesn’t mean cats like that! For that you also have to be careful in choosing cat food, because currently cat food also contains 20% carbohydrates so it allows cats to get diabetes.

But that doesn’t mean cats can’t feel anything else because there are 3 other flavors that can be felt by a cat’s tongue, what are those? The taste is sour, salty and umami. Cats can feel these feelings, even though they cannot be described in words.


10. Can We Bathe Cats?

Cat Bathe
Cat Bathe

The next question can we bathe the cat? It’s okay if the origin is not too often because cats are animals that can clean themselves but must be fast and efficient so the cat is not cold.

Or maybe you just adopted a cat from a street or shelter? You might need to bathe your cat with a shampoo containing anti-fungus to make sure your cat is clean.


11. Can Cats See and Carry Lice?

cat see illustration
cat see illustration

Cats and fleas are sometimes inseparable things. Maybe you often see pet cats scratching their bodies quite aggressively? This may be caused by annoying fleas and likes to nest in cat hairs.

But cats can’t see the animals that nest on this extremely tiny body. For that, immediately clean the cat with a special anti-flea shampoo so that the cat becomes calm because if it is left too long it will become a parasitic worm inside the cat’s skin.


12. Can Cats Sense Death?

black cat often related with sense of death
black cat often related with sense of death

It must be sad if you have a cat that has accompanied us for years and is aging and sick. Well, here are some changes that occur in cats when approaching death:

  • Changes in appearance, cat hairs began to experience hair loss and eyes began to look glazed even some cats were blind. When the area near the eye is held, but the cat does not blink, it is certain that the cat is unconscious or is getting closer to death.
  • The pattern of breathing, some cats will experience shortness of breath, then open their mouth more often and release their tongue.
  • Having a seizure, the cat will experience an erratic seizure beforehand and will occur more often when a few hours close to his death.


13. Can Cats Kill Rats or Mice?

cat catch mouse illustration
cat catch mouse illustration

Who doesn’t know that cats and mice are enemies? But, it turns out cats are not reliable hunters, and there are still many who don’t know about this fact.

Most cats, especially house cats, are lazier when dealing with mice and they may prefer to pretend to catch mice and even like to play with mice. This is not one reason to use a pet cat as a mouse hunter at home, right? In fact, dead mice that like to be made to play by cats are actually dangerous for cats because cats can get sick because of viruses that mice might carry.


Wow, from the fact that cats are rarely known to humans above, you will definitely get to know each other more cats. Hopefully the article above helps you to get to know cats more. Read another interesting cat article here at sees you!



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