Can Cat Sense These 10 Things More Than Human? Find Out Here

Hey cat lovers! It’s often been heard not that cats are always associated with mystical things or things that use the other six senses. Many believe that cats are able to feel or predict disease in humans and even death!

Hmm, is that really true? If you want to know more, let’s look at the explanation of the ten signs of the cat and the sixth sense that are owned below so that I’m not curious.


1. Can Cats Sense Human Pregnancy?

Human Pregnancy
Human Pregnancy

Cats as feeling creatures, they are able to feel the presence of a prospective baby from the stomach of his owner. Because animals are able to feel through vision, hearing and smell and there are changes in body language.

When pregnant, the body will usually issue a type of pheromone and the cat will soon realize if their owner is pregnant. This will make the cat more attentive and be loving to his owner who is waiting for the baby’s presence.

But there are some cats that behave differently, sometimes cats are jealous. When pregnancy begins to appear, it is recommended to keep paying attention to cats like before pregnancy. Because cats will feel stressed and even depressed if the routine changes, besides that they usually become ‘baby’ at home and are noticed.

When there is a presence of human babies they will change their mood, even though cats will not act aggressively on babies, but may need to consult a veterinarian for this mood change.

This can be seen in addition to being sensitive animals, cats also have a super sense of smell to smell or detect smells that we can’t smell or realize. Therefore, cats are able to realize changes in our body because the smell that we remove from the body is different from usual.


2. Can Cats Sense Spirits?

Spirits, Ghosts, or Auras
Spirits, Ghosts, or Auras

Cats are often associated with mystical things that exist in the world, such as being the beloved pet of shamans or being one of the worshiped animals in Egypt in earlier times. But is it true that cats can feel the presence or see astral beings such as jinn or spirit?

Sometimes we often see our cat sitting quietly staring at something we never know, or suddenly like hunting something that also cannot see with the naked eye. What we know is that cats have the ability to see better than most humans, and pets are also able to see ultraviolet light that is not able to be directly seen by the human eye.

So it’s likely that when the cat sits seated, it’s likely that the reaction sees something we can’t see directly. Or it could be that your cat sees something or other animal that you might have missed seeing it.

This is because the cat’s eyes are at peak performance at night and he will easily detect the slightest movement. So do not be afraid to be afraid if at home if suddenly your cat behaves strangely. Maybe not the subtle creature he saw.


3. Can Cats Sense Emotions Like Sadness and Fear?


cat fear of something
cat fear of something

Some studies mention that cats have a sensitivity level of human emotions. Cats are able to read human facial experiments after staying with their owners for a long time.

When their owner smiles, the cat will give a positive behavioral response such as purring, rubbing the body of their owner or sitting on his owner’s lap and wants to spend more time with his owner and vice versa if he sees his owner sullen.

This does not mean that cats have feelings of empathy, but more so because most owners will spoil their cats when they have a good mood. So cats are more accustomed to seeing their owners smile and they will be rewarded.


4. Can Cats Sense Anxiety and Human Anxiety?

Human Anxiety illustration
Human Anxiety illustration

Anxiety is not only felt by humans, our cats are also able to feel anxiety. The sign is when they urinate carelessly, not in the place provided.

Another form of anxiety is that cats hide more often, and become more aggressive because of unknown causes. Then the cat will not stop meowing and be easily shocked and always go to follow you anywhere because of anxiety or fear of separation.

Besides that cats are also able to detect new changes in their environment, such as emotional changes possessed by their owners. Cats will quickly become aware of ambiguous situations or emotional expressions issued by their owner as usual.

Although their owner may have covered his behavior when stressed around his pet cat, cats are still able to feel it. In fact, the cat will get carried away by stress if their owner is stressed as a response. Because cats are animals that are susceptible to stress, so the level of stress felt by owners not only affects him, but also on his cat.


5. Can Cats Sense Depression?

cat depression illustration
cat depression illustration

Can cats also feel stress and depression? Certainly can! Although it cannot be equated with what is felt by humans. Now the trigger and the stressful form of this cat can vary.

Some common forms of stress in cats include:

  • You change your pet cat food brand.
  • Dirty cat eating place.
  • After the cat goes out of the house.
  • There are new additions at home, whether it’s people or new things.
  • Loud noises from home like you are renovating a house, loud music or television and the sound of firecrackers from the yard.

Wow, what are the common signs of stress that appear in cats? Now for those who want to maintain cats or have been nurtured, they should know some signs of stress cats below, namely:

  • His cheeks were haphazardly out of place.
  • Cats experience diarrhea or even have difficulty defecating.
  • The loss of appetite, or even does not want to touch the food at all.
  • Scratching his body excessively.
  • It doesn’t stop meowing or even meow at all.
  • Increasing the hours of sleeping cats, everywhere, always sleeps.
  • Being overly aggressive towards people or other animals.


6. Can Cats Sense When Something Is Wrong?

cat looks like sense something is wrong
cat looks like sense something is wrong

Not only cats, but most animals are considered to have their own level of sensitivity in feeling the changes that exist in nature or around them. This is one of the six signs of the cat and the six senses it has. Animals are considered creatures that are able to feel the occurrence of a disaster since time immemorial.

When an earthquake occurs, for example, many animals will behave improperly, such as suddenly running or flying, therefore many say when natural disasters occur, animals as victims of disasters are very rarely found, including cats.


7. Can Cats Sense Sickness Like Cancer?

cat sick illustration
cat sick illustration

Many believe that cats are able to detect cancer in the human body, as there is one source who claims that a pet cat likes to hold one of the breasts of his owner for no reason which is finally known that their owner has breast cancer.

Indeed, there is still no further research to explain this phenomenon. But experts believe that cats have the ability to smell a number of diseases, like kissing other things like bombs or survivors of natural disasters.

A journal about the science of animal behavior, it is stated that cats have the ability to smell and distinguish smell better than dogs. It is believed by some experts, that cats are able to be specially trained to distinguish some odors that can help humans in the health sector, track the smell of bombs or track the smell of drugs.

Although cats have the potential to be developed to smell a few odors of diseases such as cancer because of their natural nature as a creature with a good sense of smell, there is still no further research on this, so it is very difficult to answer whether cats can detect cancer in the human body or not.


8. Can Cats Sense Illness and Death in Humans?

human sick illustration
human sick illustration

It’s no stranger that cats are animals that have a sensitivity to smell, movement and hearing. Many also often associate cats as creatures who can know that their owner are sick, while their owners they are not aware of it.

Similarly, when feeling death, both in the animal itself or their owner. They will feel a change in behavior and body language that causes them to change their behavior to their owners.

Like more often spending time with their owner by sitting nearby or not wanting to escape from the arms of their owner. Besides pets such as cats have a sharp sense of smell, which they may smell the smell of chemical drugs that come out of the body of their owner which causes a change in behavior.

Or often see their owner more often lying down in bed even though there is no smell coming out, but they are able to see and feel the lack of movement from their owner.


9. Can Cats Sense Their Own Death?

cat so sick illustration
cat so sick illustration

Whereas when you feel death in the cat itself, there may be some changes that are seen physically on the cat’s body or it can also be a change in behavior. These changes include the following:

  • Changes in appearance, cat hairs began to experience hair loss and eyes began to look glazed even some cats were blind. When the area near the eye is held, but the cat does not blink, it is certain that the cat is unconscious or is getting closer to death.
  • Changes in breathing patterns, some cats will experience shortness of breath and then open their mouth more often and take out their tongues.
  • Having a seizure, the cat will experience an erratic seizure beforehand and will occur more often when a few hours close to his death.

From the explanation of some of the signs of the cat and the sixth sense possessed above, it makes us understand why some pets or cats are able to do the things above which we sometimes don’t think too deeply to find out the truth.


10. Can Cats Sense Death in Other Cats?

cat look sad separate from another cat
cat look sad separate from another cat

It is uncertain whether cats understand the disease or even the concept of death in other cats. But cats can realize if there are other pets in the house that don’t exist in a certain period of time.

If you realize something missing is said to be grieved, then yes, cats can grieve.

Within certain limits there are cats who can understand if there are other cats who are suffering or in pain. But there are also other cats who don’t seem to care.

Therefore, it cannot be ascertained whether cats can really understand the condition of other cats that are in pain or not.


Although sometimes there are several events beyond our reasoning, all return to their respective beliefs. However, what is important is not to eat the information outright. Hopefully discussion about 10 things that our cats can feel or not by on the above explanations can help and benefit all of you. Greetings cat lovers!



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