Want Your Cat Lively? This Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Toys

Want Your Cat Lively? This Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Toys

It’s the nature of the cat likes to play. By spending most of his time indoors, cats would need activities to keep his body fit and entertained. Therefore, it is very important for the owner to provide sufficient and varied toy stock for the buddy of the girl. Here are five tips for choosing toys for your cat.

1. Select Interactive Toys

This kind of toy requires you, as the owner, to get involved in the game. That will create bonding between you and your cat. Examples of these toys, for example, your cat play rat remote control. The cat itself in its natural food chain is in the position of a hunter. By using this kind of toy, you can lure your cat to move as a hunter. Playing with your cat does not spend all day, just 15 minutes each day.


2. Give Stimulation

The other game you need to have for your cat is the tunnel. Ever seen your cat like to explore the cracks in your house? Entering the gap of the sofa for example? Or the bookshelf slit? it’s because the cat is imitating some of its natural behavior of exploring its environment in a hunt. The tunnel game is one of the most important toys that stimulate your cat to explore its surroundings.


3. Nail Claws Are A Bit High

Nail claws and climbing are also one of the play activities for cats. The elevation is a factor to consider when choosing your nail claws. Cats love to jump and climb. By choosing a rather high nail claw can prevent your cat from scratching the furniture.


4. Toys With Catnip Plants

An adult cat is very fond of catnip. They are very excited when they smell this flower. There are some toys that contain catnip, for example, a cloth ball containing catnip. Make sure you buy this kind of toy when your cat grows up because the little cat does not react to catnip.

5. Consider The Reasons For Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of your cat should be the number one reason when you buy it. You would not want to give it a small toy swallowed or make it choke. You can also buy a heated bed that can make your cat comfortable during the cold rainy season.

In addition, the presence of a cat at home is not only an entertainer, but he also likes a family member that you should always pay attention. And do you know? Kittens grow 15 times faster than human babies, you know! Therefore since he was born, you should have prepared the best treatment for him.

Good care can be done by watching the healthy food, comfortable bed, until the game that stimulates its activeness. By playing with her, you can make a cat more comfortable in your home. The games you can do there are many, here are some of the cat’s favorite fun games you can do:

1. Play Ping Pong Ball

This is a really fun game for you to do. Just throw the ball into the wall or under the table, you can see how enthusiastic your cat caught the ping pong. For how clever you can try to throw a ping pong ball in an empty bathtub and let the ball bounce off by itself, your cat will surely pursue it with passion.

2. Plays Light Reflections

Cats like to chase light, so you can take advantage of this. Try to turn off the lights of the room, then reflect light from the flashlight you have to some direction. Wait for his exasperated behavior to pursue the reflection of light. If you have some big flashlights, try to let the light bounce off the wall and see what your cat might be doing to see his own shadow.

3. Use Bubbles

Not just a child who is interested in bubble foam, you know. Cats are the same. Object game of this one is quite unique to make the cat so curious to keep paying attention. When there is a bubble, most likely the cat will try to catch it or at least continue to look toward the bubble that floats up to approach it. It would be very adorable.

4. Hide-and-Seek

If you know, this game is basically the same as hiding and seek. And you can play it with your pet cat, girls! When the cat is playing with the toy, try to grab the toy and then you hide with the toy behind the door. You definitely will not stand the smile when looking at his expression looking for you.
In order for him to always excited while playing, you can keep his spirits by giving him a reward every time he managed to find objects that are hidden. Of course, the gift should be something he really likes. For example cat food such as Royal Canin or Whiskas.

5. Playing a Paper Ball

Not to miss, the ball of paper you can use as a tool to play with a cat. The form of several sheets of paper resembles a ball and try to throw it at him. Do not be surprised if you see it so curious to open the balls. It must be really cool to see him ‘busy’ separating the sheets of paper on the balls.

6. Try Playing Gadget Together

Another thing you can try is to play cat’s virtual games through your tablet or gadget. Bring your pet cat to the side to watch what’s on the gadget screen. Or any other way, try showing funny pet videos from Youtube. Notice how it will be funnier than video on screen!
Taking care of a cat to make it active is not difficult, but in its activeness do not forget to always make sure that the nutrients are fulfilled.

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