Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

When we see two people fighting, our automation will instantly spontaneously give the nickname “Like a dog and a cat”. Well, dogs and cats are two animals that are often called the quarrels. Both animals are often known as animals that never get along. Obviously, it is very visible from how scary the dog is and how soft the cat is.

Well, in addition to being nicknamed in a fight, these two animals are also a popular animal kept by humans. So no wonder if ultimately many people who finally compare them, ranging from the physical side, the interaction with humans too who is more intelligent in between. Some people say that dogs have a much higher intelligence than cats. So, is that opinion correct? What evidence is the underlying statement? To find out, please see the answer below.


Dogs do give the impression more ridiculous. Make the house a mess, chew on his master’s shoes or urinate carelessly. But it turns out they are much smarter than cats. Researchers at Vanderbilt decided to settle this long debate and tried to do research on the intelligence of dogs and cats. They studied a number of cortical nerves in the brains of some animals. The result? Dogs have a much higher rate than cats.

Known dogs have about 530 million cortical nerves. Cats only have less than half, about 250 million. Humans have about 16 billion. “I believe the absolute number of nerves that animals have, especially in the cerebral cortex, determines the richness of their mental situations and their ability to predict what will happen around them based on previous experiences,” said Suzana Herculano-Hauzel, professor of psychology and biology at Vanderbilt.

His research, to be published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, notes the physical size of the brain is not always related to intelligence. For example, the research found the brains of brown bears, although 10 times larger than the brains of cats, had approximately the same number of nerves.

Despite these findings, Suzana doubts the long debate surrounding dogs or cats to be finished. He also added that, although his studies are objective, he is a bit biased. “I’m 100 percent dog-lovers, he says,” but our findings mean that dogs have the biological ability to do more complex and flexible things in their lives than the cat can do.”

Other researchers also revealed that dogs are more intelligent than cats. It is expressed through methods of measuring the number of neurons in the brain, especially the cerebral cortex. The researchers linked the number of nerve cells with overall cognitive abilities, including the level of intelligence. When compared to cats, dogs have twice the number of cortical neurons, exactly 530 million cortical neurons. While the cat is only found to have approximately 250 million. Likewise with the number of nerve cells.

The cerebral cortex or the cerebral cortex is the brain cell responsible for thinking, planning, and behaving. “In this study, we were interested in comparing different carnivorous species to see the number of neurons in their brains when compared with brain size,” said Dr. Suzana Herculano-Houzel, professor of psychology and biology at Vanderbilt University and lead researcher.
He believes that the number of neurons that animals have in the cerebral cortex determines their own wealth and mental state and the ability to predict what will happen in their environment based on past experiences.

Not only cats and dogs, the researchers also analyze other carnivorous species, namely weasels, brown bears, raccoons, mongoose, striped hyenas, and lions. The animals have a special interest to study. Because most of them have to outsmart (to get) prey to survive. This refers to the possibility of high numbers of nerve cells and their level of intelligence.

According to this journal, the greater the size of the brain does not mean more cortical neurons. For example the brain of a golden retriever dog that has more cortical neurons than a brown bear that has three times greater brain. The brown bear actually has the same number of neurons as the cat.
When viewed from the size of the brain to the perspective of neuron density, raccoon deserves to be called one of the brightest animals. Because raccoons have a brain size like a cat, but the density of neurons is similar to a dog.


Dogs are animals that are considered more intelligent when compared with cats. But, it turns out in a study published in the journal Behavioral Processes, a team of Japanese researchers has revealed that cats as smart as dogs in certain memory tests. This shows that they are actually smart too.
The study even involves 49 domestic cats that show that cats can remember memories of such fun experiences while eating their favorite snacks. Dogs also show the same type of memory, the unique memory of a specific event called episodic memory.

Humans too often consciously try to reconstruct past events that have occurred in their lives such as what they eat for breakfast, the first day when undergoing a new job or family marriage. This memory is related to individual events so this memory is unique to the individual.
Saho Takagi, one of the psychologists at Kyoto University said that cats are like dogs, using memories from an experience in the past, which may imply that they have an episodic memory similar to humans. “Episodic memory is seen as related to the introspective function of the mind. Our research may imply a type of awareness in cats, “he said. Takagi then continued, “The interesting speculation is, they may enjoy actively recalling their memories just like humans.”

The scientists tested the abilities of these domestic cats in remembering which bowl they used to eat and which had not been touched, after a 15-minute pause. The researchers suspect that cats may be able to remember for longer periods of time than short test times. They also say that cats can be compared with dogs in some mental tests, including responding to the gestures of the human body, facial expressions, and emotions.

Takagi further said this research can have practical applications. “Understanding the deeper cats can help build a better relationship between cats and humans,” he says. “These findings open the door for new studies to test how long the cat memory is and whether they remember more episodes in their lives like humans.”

Many miracles and the privileges of cats that make people amazed. Starting from the ability to always land on the feet when falling from a height to the various stories and legends surrounding cats since ancient Egypt, medieval times to modern times now.

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