Are Cats Nocturnal?

Are Cats Nocturnal?

Nocturnal animals are animals that are active at night and sleep in the daytime. In contrast to most other animals that are usually active during the day and sleep in the night.

According to the time of activity, animals can be distinguished into diurnal animals, crepuscular animals, and nocturnal animals. Crepuscular animals are active at dawn and dusk. While diurnal animals are the opposite of nocturnal animals, ie active in the daytime and sleep at night.

Nocturnal animals have the very keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell; which is certainly needed during the dark night activities. Some nocturnal animals have the vision that can adapt for daytime or nighttime lighting, but some animals such as bats can only be active at night.

Nocturnal animals use their keen senses to survive and search for prey. But some nocturnal animals have special abilities, such as the bat’s own ability to echolocate.

In addition to bats, some other nocturnal animals also have special traits that can help them survive. For example owls, bats, and ant bears.

Because nocturnal animals look for prey at night, they do not have to compete with many other animals, because not many are looking for prey in the evenings. Darkness also helps nocturnal animals to avoid their predators.

In zoos, nocturnal animals are often placed in dark places, so they think it’s night. This is done so that visitors can watch their activity.
Night activities are of course related to the need to survive. Search for prey, breed, and more. But why did not they do it during the day?
Many opinions on this. Because most of these animals have lived a nocturnal lifestyle since time immemorial. But the most plausible explanation for us is if all living things do activity during the day, then the earth will be more crowded.
Hence some animals choose to move at night. To get a more spacious room.
What is more certain, of course, is related to predators. Some types of animals that include insects and creeping animals opt out at night because they avoid predators.
But still, in the end, the predators follow them on the move at night, like owls and wolves. Apart from that, dark nights provide more protection. It’s easier to hide and escape.
Some animals choose nighttime is because they do avoid hot sunlight and can damage their body tissues.

The nocturnal animals adapt to the dark night environment. So that their senses also become more trained.
Snakes can feel the heat of their prey, owls and cats have very sharp eyesight at night. And bats have incredible wave sensors, making them unable to crash even though they fly very fast in the dark.

Then, Do Cats Include Nocturnal Animals?

Some facts that exist make us believe or even believe that the cat is a nocturnal animal. Nocturnal is the condition to describe animals (or creatures) that are active at night. Some examples of animals with these properties are bats and owls. That’s why we’ll find many bats hanging in the cave during the day and hear the “singing” owls at night.

However, a recent information says that it turns out the cat is a non-nocturnal crepuscular. Crepuscular is a condition in which the animal will be active during the dim light conditions ie at dusk and dawn.

This is explained by the fact that the cat has a habit to wake the owner at dawn. How to wake up that somewhat unusual, that is by licking or kissing the owner.

This crepuscular behavior is favorable to the animal. Because in the wild, it reduces competition to get prey. Some examples of other crepuscular animals are mice, hamsters, rabbits, Tasmanian tigers, short ear owls, etc.


According to you, if humans live at night (being nocturnal) for a long time, about two or three years in a row, might the human senses and the body adapt and become sharper?
Or is it even broken? Think about it.

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