Are Cats Loyal? Answers From Experience And Reality

Are Cats Loyal? Answers From Experience And Reality


Hallo cat lovers, are you still hesitant about the loyalty of your cats? Perhaps the discussion about this cat can be a bit of a picture of the true loyalty of a cat.

What we know a cat is a very adorable animal and very funny, there are many people who like to keep a cat, but there are also anti with this one animal. But if you want to keep the cat and hesitate with the loyalty of the cat try to see the explanation below.

Are Cats Including Loyal Animals? (Based on Experience)

I keep some cats, I also take care of the cats well. I always feed him and sometimes invite him to play. My cat loves to be caressed and likes to play chases, so sometimes he likes to follow me wherever I go.

I’m a simple person, do not like to buy a cat cage to lock up a cat, I do not like it. So I let my cat free to roam the yard of the house. Sometimes he goes into the house, the yard of the house and sometimes also not known existed. I do not know where to go. But I know, they always come home. They return when hungry in the usual hours of feeding time.


The Cats Cats Go from Home

Perhaps there are some of you who have lost cats, those who do not return have several reasons and factors. From my experience of keeping my cat and my observations all this time. The causal factors are:
1. Dying, feeling the time of life is not long. He went in search of a quiet and hidden place for his final retreat.
2. Because the employer is not in the business, he did not get food and even treated badly by his employer.

3. Feeling powerless. A cat likes to mark something as its property, how to mark it by rubbing itself until it sticks to it. If he feels he has an object/place of power, they will love to be there. But sometimes they also compete for power from other cats, and if they lose, then they will retreat and leave.
4. Lack of attention from employers. Cats are also jealous, those who are not getting attention will then go in search of someone more attentive to it.
5. Feeling threatened, there are many causes such as dogs that become other pets that maintained by the employer.

That is the factor that causes your cat to leave home. So if anyone says the cat goes for being unfaithful may be due to lack of attention from you. Just as we get less attention, we will leave because we feel unappreciated.


Is the cat easy to be familiar with new people/strangers?

Actually for wild cats will be easily familiar and good with the person who feeds it, it is because there is a certain intention that the person often gives him food. But if home cats, usually still easy to get along with others, it’s because they are used to touch with people and think everyone is good.

But there are also cats who are suddenly afraid to see strangers coming. It is actually also common, especially the stranger’s eye contact with a cat, or arguably mutual eye-to-face with a cat. This eye gaze is considered to be a conflict by the cat, so should strangers who want to be familiar with the cat do not direct eye contact with him. If you have time to feed him, then he will quickly assume you are a good person who does not need to be afraid.


Parent Cat has a High Responsibility and Love

In addition to the above explanation, the mother cat also has a high responsibility to his children. The mother of the cat cares for her children and even as her child begins to grow up and gets less food, the mother cat often taught her to hunt and bring her children food. Not only that, he also protects his child from danger and without fear of the mother cat forward to save his children.

Cats Save Their Masters from Danger

Not even limited to the mother cat and her children, even to her employer. There are many experienced including myself. While in danger of being chased the dog the cat help us. So I think the female cat is more concerned with the surroundings because they have a caring soul of a mother.

Faithful Cat with his Companions

In addition, often I see cats that are faithful to his best friend. For example, one of his friends who was hit and died, he seemed to awaken his friend by massaging him, even he also kept waiting for the carcass / his friend’s corpse.

So my conclusion, actually the cat has a responsibility, a sense of love and care is high, even they also include a faithful animal. But sometimes there are those who think they are unfaithful because they do not go back, but it happened because of the above factors. So it depends on how we treat and treat our cat.

Hopefully the above explanation answers your question about are cats loyal to owners.

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