Cats Are Evil Animals. Is That True?

Cats Are Evil Animals. Is That True?

You who are daily associated with cats would know exactly that every cat has different properties. There are cats that are very submissive, spoiled, and always calm. In other words very easy to maintain. There are also cats that tend to make damage, stubborn, unruly, even look evil. That makes you dizzy and headache!

There are studies from Oregon State University, published in the Journal of Behavioral Processes, showing scientific evidence that cats, according to empirical research, are good-hearted animals. The study concluded that cats prefer to interact with humans, rather than eating. Yes, they are more happy with us than eating.

The aim of the study was to apply cognitive tests already tried on dogs and turtles, in order to correct misconceptions about the bad reputation of cats as being less sociable.

“Cat cognitive research further exposes evidence from their complex socio-cognitive and problem-solving abilities.It is commonly believed that cats do not like socializing and are difficult to train, which may be due to a lack of knowledge about the cat-like stimulants so they can move.”

The test used 50 cats, both cats at home and cat shelters. The researchers isolated the animals from food, toys, and humans for several hours. Then, the researchers showed the cats with different stimulants in four categories: socializing with humans, food, smells, and toys.

The researchers concluded there was no significant difference in attitudes between cats at home and at shelters. Most cats prefer socialization with humans than any other category. Half of the cats studied chose social interaction with humans, while 37% of cats chose food.

“We have found data when 50% of the cats studied chose interaction with social stimulants (along with other creatures), even though they had a direct choice with other stimulants.”

So, what’s the conclusion? In essence, the cat is a good animal. But the researcher wrote, the preference for the style of socialization of each cat is strongly influenced by the history of life or the tree of descendants.

A study of some cats may not yet be the basis for concrete conclusions that are valid. But I believe with this study. Although often, my cat is angry or lying on the couch, does not notice me, but he is always friendly with everyone. So like a human, cats are also often not able to socialize and friendly with strangers or new people have known?

How To Change The Cat Properties Of The Cat

Train cats to behave well is not a difficult thing if we know their true nature. However, the proprietor’s tendency to treat his cat with a hard naughty. Sometimes even accidentally hit him! As a result of the cat instead of according to even more stubborn, do not want to listen to your command. And of course will stay away from you. Is not it nice hostile to the cat itself?

Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to change the bad behavior of cats:

1. Learn to understand the nature of your cat. Yes, the first thing to do is you learn about your cat. Whatever he likes, he wants, and what he does not like or fear. From there you can find the right way to discipline the sweet. For example, there are cats that do not want to eat in groups, then separate him every meal. Or there is an angry cat if his favorite place is taken, try it only belongs to him.

2. Avoid disciplining cats the wrong way. The last thing to do is hit and hurt a cat! Keep in mind that most cats that are beaten and painful will stay away. His sense of trust in you is also lost. In front of you he may be calm and sweet, but outside your supervision, he can hurt other cats or tend to damage things at home as his outlet. Apologize if you are too emotional. Caresses and sling will be understood as an apology. A psychically wounded cat usually takes a long time to heal (for months) until he feels safe and trusting again.

3. Use the applause or warning cries. Shouts do not have to be loud and no need to also grumble at length. Cats do not always understand what you are nagging. With the sound “Shhhh .. !!” alone is enough. If it’s done repeatedly and consistently every time a cat makes a mistake, then he’ll understand if it’s being warned. If you have to use a tool (usually to break the fight) simply use a water spray, the cat will remember it as a form of punishment.

4. Understand that your cat does have a subtle feeling. Cats understand the meaning of tranquility and comfort. He does not like noise and noise. Cats are easily stressed and shaken when there is a change from their daily routine. The presence of new family members, changing dining hours or even the location of furniture that moves can make it uneasy. Choose a subtle approach to change the behavior of cats, build a relationship of trust first. Do not forget to give him gifts and praise every time he does something positive. If you can understand your cat, then he will learn to understand you.

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