Are Cats Domesticated? Yes. This is 13 Ways to Tame the Wild Cats for Beginners

Are Cats Domesticated? Yes.

This is 13 Ways to Tame the Wild Cats for Beginners

Seeing the funny animal abandoned on the road sometimes makes us pity and wants to bring it home. Moreover, this cute animal is very easy to roam the street where we live. Like a kitten that can easily be found by the wayside. Because usually after childbirth, the adult cat leaves her child for food.

However, his kitten often went before his mother met and more often found by us. And, we usually do not have the heart and start picking up the kitten is very funny. Cats are home animals and are often kept. And what’s more, there are more wild cats that live free on the streets. For cat models like this certainly are not all benign and easy to comply with. Therefore, there are ways that we can do if we want to maintain and tame a wildcat to become our pet.

1. Prepare The Room For The Kitten

Every pet we learn must need a place or room for him. Although these pets live in the house, there still needs to be a special place to rest, eat, and also defecate. Although at the time of defecation, the cat can be trained to defecate in the bathroom still instinct will waste water in the sand. How to care for cat babies at home do need special attention.

2. Setting Up the Cage Or Cart For The Kitten

We need a basket or a cage to bring the kitten to the doctor. Wild kittens that we suddenly need to vaccinate if they will live with one house with us. Because the benefits of cat vaccines are not just for the cat itself, it can protect families at home from the dangers of the virus it has on the way.

3. Giving Food Outside

Although wild kittens we play more often in the area inside the house. It’s good when feeding, we do outdoors. Because, although this kitten we will train and keep in the house sometimes there is still a feeling of fear when interacting with humans. This we do to avoid the characteristics of cat stress that we might be able to face.

4. How To Touch Wild Cats

Let the wild kittens play around us. Follow her movements wherever she goes. When it’s enough to play, start doing simple interactions with this kitten. Avoid touching a wild kitten at the beginning of a meeting. Because this can make the cat feel threatened and make it against us by scratching or biting. If this cat has started to feel familiar with us, we also can apply the way to cut the cat’s nails

5. Start Inviting a Playing Cat

By taking our kittens play, it will make the kitten become more comfortable to live with us. We can play directly, and can also provide special toys for kittens. It’s just that we need to pay attention to the times when the cat is playing with the toys. Because it could have a kitten that we have less understood with the toys given to him. Although we can just treat our own cat by treating injuries to cats without having to see a doctor.

6. Familiarize the Cats With Hands

The cats we keep need to be familiarized with the instructions from our hands. Because this cat is still adapting from the usual life on the streets to live in the house with humans. There is also a way to overcome the cat sprain due to play that we need to know before bringing to the doctor.

7. Lifting the Cats

Kittens are also like a small baby is weak. So we can carry it by lifting it and wrapping it in a towel to avoid scratching or sudden bites.

8. Combing the Feathers

Cats are one type of animal that likes to be stroked. Then we can take care of it by brushing the feathers with a special brush or can also clean it with a tick combed in order to eliminate the lice that may exist. So we do not need to run how to remove cat lice in our cats.

9. Keeping the Kitten with the Parent

If we find a kitten still with the parent, it is better to take it with the mother. Because the kitten is still too small cannot be separated from the mother. Otherwise, the cat may not survive. We can know by knowing the signs of the cat will die.

10. Bathing the Cats

The kitten we keep also needs cleanliness by bathing it. We can bathe the kitten while he is happy. However, if the cat is still too small we can bathe it by washing it with a towel that has been dampened.

11. Use Clothes Closed

At the time of bathing, we need to wear long and thick clothes to avoid the scratching of the kucin.g. However, not all cats will claw at the time of bathing. It is just an anticipation.

12. Using a Special Shampoo

To bathe this kitten do not use the usual shampoo we use every day. We need to use a special shampoo for cats to maintain health and hygiene.

13. Dry the Cat

After bathing it properly, then we can dry it with a towel. Pat – pat the body with a dry towel and wrap the cat in a towel so that the feathers dry quickly.

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